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When the University of Hartford was incorporated just over 50 years ago by business and community leaders, they envisioned a center of education and culture for Greater Hartford. Read more...

WWUH FCC On Line Public File


Persons with disabilities who wish to access the WWUH Public File may contact John Ramsey at:

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How can I find out what was played on 91.3?

You can find out what is on at any given time by looking at the "Now Playing" section at the top of the home page. That information is updated every few minutes. You can also see what we have played over the last 31 days by clicking on the Music Playlists icon on the left side of our home page. You will see our playlists listed in 48 hour increments (we picked 48 hours so that the page would load as quickly as possible.) By changing the number at the top of the page and hitting the submit button, you can access previous playlists up to 31 days.