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Amazing Tales from CT: A Trail Like No Other - It Brought Us Freedom, Part2

09/17/2023 4:30 pm
09/17/2023 5:00 pm
We encourage you to tune in to our newest program, Amazing Tales from Off and On Connecticut's Beaten Path, which airs Sunday afternoons at 4:30 right after the Opera.
Amazing Tales uses a story-telling format to focus on historically significant people, places, and events from Connecticut’s past. Host Mike Allen interviews subject matter experts on a variety of historical topics.
He specializes in bringing local history to life, by using his journalism and story-telling skills with podcasting and public speaking. For 15 years, Mike worked as a radio journalist, both at NPR's Boston affiliate WBUR and as News Director at i-95 (WRKI-FM) in western Connecticut. He subsequently worked in government and corporate before retiring and starting his podcast. As a resident of Connecticut for more than 50 years, Mike also makes public appearances throughout the state, speaking on topics of local history.
A Trail Like No Other - It Brought Us Freedom, Part 2
The Rochambeau Trail is a very important piece of American history – but most people don’t know much about it. French Commander Rochambeau marched 680 miles from Newport, Rhode Island to Yorktown, Virginia with his 5,000-troop army. There, they helped George Washington’s Patriot troops win the final major military action of the Revolutionary War. But wait until you hear the unbelievably complex military decision Washington had to make – without sufficient information at hand – that literally changed the course of history. Expert historian Dr. Robert Selig will have that story. Also, you’ll learn about Sal Lilienthal of Kent, CT – the first person to ever bicycle the trail, as part of a program to promote the trail. And, we’ll hear from Johnny Carawan, the National Park Service official who is responsible for the trail.