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UH Jazz: B.C.D.

by Sue Terry former Program Director and Jazz Host

  I was introduced to WWUH while in my second year at Hartt. Chris Watson was on a recruiting drive for the station, and he figured what better place to look for radio announcers than a music school. I started hanging out at the station and soon caught the radio bug, from which I have not yet recovered, thank God. My first job at ‘UH was taping frayed album covers. This was back in 1978 B.C.D (before CD’s). I gazed with admiration at the "senior" announcers like the legendary Burrito, who sadly, is with us no more.
     I studied the FCC manual and passed the test for my license (which you needed in those days, before radio deregulation), and soon began my first weekly All Night Show on Tuesday from 3-6 AM, eventually graduating to Morning Jazz, and even acting as Program Director for a short time.
     My tenure at ‘UH lasted till I left Hartford for New York in 1982. It’s great to see that several of my former colleagues are still working at the station. Sometimes I dream at night that I’m back in the air studio doing my show. Chuck Obuchowski says that maybe we can make my dream come true during this 30th anniversary celebration. Hey, I’m ready!

Note: Sue Terry is a highly-regarded saxophonist and flutist who has worked extensively with the likes of Clifford Jordan and Charli Persip. She and her husband, keyboardist John di Martino were among the participants on ‘UH’s Jazz in the Wilde recording.