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When the University of Hartford was incorporated just over 50 years ago by business and community leaders, they envisioned a center of education and culture for Greater Hartford. At its core, it would be a university for the community created by the community.

The University has come a long way since its humble beginnings on Hartford’s last remaining farm, evolving from a local school for commuters into a comprehensive university that attracts students from throughout the world. Yet it remains true to its original mission of serving as a valued resource for individuals, families, businesses, and communities throughout the Hartford region, offering hundreds of programs that serve the University and its neighbors every day. For over 45 years listener supported WWUH has served an important role in the University's community service mission.

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Thanks to everyone who called in a pledge or donated on line during Marathon 2014. WWUH is a unique experiment on community FM broadcasting and has been serving the area for over 46 years. We have an eclectic mix of programming, much of which is not available elsewhere, and all produced by volunteers. If you missed the opportunity to donate, and/or would like to add a brand new WWUH T-shirt to your collection, you can donate via our secure website.

John Ramsey, General Manager

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