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Connecticut Radio Memories: A 10-Part Documentary Series on the History of Connecticut Radio Stations

Long before MP3 files and streaming services, people found out about new music almost exclusively through listening to the radio. Before television, radio was also a prime source for people to hear about breaking news events. In that era, radio stations broadcast dramas, comedies, and other entertainment programs, long before they were a staple of television programming.

People had favorite radio stations they listened to and radio disk jockeys didn't just play records, they were celebrities who had fans, just like the recording artists they featured on their shows.

Since 2005, WWUH has recorded interviews with over 120 disk jockeys, radio engineers, and behind-the-scenes people who remember those years of radio in Connecticut. We've also scoured websites, libraries, basements and garages to turn up vintage tapes and transcription disks from those years.

The result is CONNECTICUT RADIO MEMORIES - a series looking back at Connecticut’s radio stations, focusing on the years 1922 to 1980 and featuring stories from people behind the microphones and behind the scenes.

WWUH volunteer, Brandon Kampe, has spent the last decade collecting radio station air checks and interviewing people who were involved in radio in CT over the last 50+ years. (Previously Brandon had produced the definitive radio documentary on the Hartford Circus Fire.)

The series is divided into ten episodes. Each episode runs from between 85 to 95 minutes and focuses on a particular radio station or group of stations.

Beginning July 21, 2020, two episodes will run back-to-back each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on WWUH.

  1. Week 1: Episodes 1 & 2
  2. Week 2: Episodes 3 & 4
  3. Week 3: Episodes 5 & 6
  4. Week 4: Episodes 7 & 8
  5. Week 5: Episodes 9 & 10