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How to reach us via Telephone

Studio Line: (860) 768-4701
Office (voicemail): (860) 768-4703
WWUH Fax: (860) 768-5701
Listener Line: (860) 768-5913

General Email

WWUH E-mail: wwuh@hartford.edu

Regular Mail

WWUH Radio
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117

For Record Labels and Artists -- Specific Genre Directors
         Susan Mullis  smullis@snet.net
      Brian Burness
Cajun/Zydeco: Peter Rost  rivercityslim@hotmail.com
Classical:        Steve Petke  sdpetke@comcast.net
                Ed McKeon  EMckeon@aol.com
Indian:             Monica  mgeetanjali03@yahoo.com
               Chuck Obuchowski   Cobuchow@aol.com
Reggae:          Philip Mitchell  pearl286@aol.com
Rock:              Andy Taylor - attn: Andy Taylor wwuh@hartford.edu
World:             Brian Grosjean   culturecafe913@yahoo.com

Ship All Promotional Recordings Directly To:
Music Director

        c/o WWUH Radio, 200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT  06117

Note: WWUH has a "we keep everything" policy.
All recordings are documented, filed into our extensive
recording library, and available to all genre hosts.

Campus Address Use Only:
WWUH, Room E130, East Wing, Harry Jack Gray Center

WWUH welcomes your Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Send them, at least two weeks in advance, via email at: wwuh@hartford.edu.
Please write "PSA" in the subject line.

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Email the webmaster at: manolama@aol.com

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