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Sounds of Hartford

Recorded April, 1996

RA 28.8 Streaming
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1) Full Circle Drum Society Thank You Song
2) People of Goodwill Calypso Caliente
3) Home Cookin' Incarnation
4) Val Ramos Group Boricuas Flamencos
5) Rozmarin Sadila Moma / Idzeme, Idzeme
6) Temple Sinai Klezmer Band Sher
7) Nzinga's Daughters Woke up this Morning....
This is a Mean Old World
8) Mestizo Manta Lucila
9) Morrigu Tripping Up With Nancy/ Trippin Up the Stairs
10) Menko Orchestra Clarinet Polka
11) Island Riddim Di Be Di Dan 
12) Sanjeev Ramabhadran O Duniyaa Ke Rakhwaale
13) Greater Hartford
Academy of the
Performing Arts Jazz
The Third Eye

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