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The Folk Next


Recorded May 2000

RA 28.8 Streaming
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1) Alastair Moock Lonely Heart
2) Rebekah Hayes One Candle Burns
3) Robin Greenstein Sacred Song
4) Eric Garrison Breathing
5) Adrienee Jones and Rani arbo Uninvited Ghost
6) Lisa Moscatiello Second Avenue
7) Cece Borjeson (and Ruth George) A 'Soalin' (Trad.)
8) Groovelily Sitting on the Fence
9) Meg Hutchinson When It Rains
10) Meg Hutchinson Ockham's Razor
11) Gene and Mim Lose My Mind
12) Andrew McKnight Western Skies
13) Bernice Lewis Mercy
14) Eric Burkhart and Humpty Daddy No One Lives Here
15) Kevin Briody Walnuts and Rice
16) The Roadbirds West Texas Wind
17) Eric Burkhart and Humpty Daddy West Texas Wind

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