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The Folk Next Door VII

The Folk Next
Door VII

May Day

Recorded May, 1997

RA 28.8 Streaming
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1) Beth Amsel Saint Mark
2) Tom Prasado-Rao Walk A Million Miles  
3) Peter Lehndorff Peugot
4) Chris and Meredith Thompson House Divided Click on these to download the song
5) Mark Mulcahy Tempted
6) Justina and Joyce Sip of Water  
7) Gideon Freudmann Adobe Dog House
8) Hugh Blumenfeld Bill's Dick
9) Darryl Purpose Child of Hearts
10) Erin McKeown Fast as I Can
11) Jeremy Wallace Missing you this Morning
12) Louise Taylor Deep, Dark River
13) Erica Wheeler
Nowhere to Go
14) Stephen Nystrup Come on the Road Click on these to download the song
15) Lost Wages Tarpology

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