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The Folk Next
Door VI

The Emperor
of Ice Cream

Recorded May, 1997

RA 28.8 Streaming
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1) Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman
You Just Don't Get It
2) Jeremy Wallace Johnny 
3) Lisa McCormick Right Now 
4) Don Sineti and Chris Morgan John Kanaka
5) Jano Cowboy King
6) The Mollys Pride Over Dollars
7) The Muster Bunch Tatter Jack/ Drums and Guns
8) Dana Robinson Wishing Tree
9) Scott McAllistar, Meredith Cooper, Jeff Mucciolo Seaside Jig
10) Ratsy Leaver Her Behind
11) Washboard Slim and the Blue Lights Firehouse Blues
12) Ilene Weiss Answer to Come
13) Sloan Wainwright Band For My Pride
14) Sloan Wainwright Band No One's Makin' Me Do It
15) Ratsy Don't Judge the Herd
16) Ilene Weiss Woman of a Calm Heart

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