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The Folk Next
Door III

Recorded June 5, 1993

Available on
cassette only

RA 28.8 Streaming
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1) Chanting House Salome
2) Madwoman In the Attic Oconee
3) Peter Lehndorff Marriage
4) J.P. Jones Moving Train
5) Jeter La Ponte L2 Jeune Marie'e
6) Lucy Kaplansky You Just Need a Home
7) Steve Nystrup Weasel
8) Kim Trusty Keep On Moving
9) Peg Loughran The Traveler
10) Patrick McGinley St. Patrick's Isle
11) Gypsy Reel White Face Waltz
12) Ed Smith I Got a Tune
13) Madwoman In the Attic Nothing Like Food
14) Amy Gallatin Forever Ride
15) Tim Cote Television
16) Gospel Stars He Will Understand
17) Dar Williams February

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