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Hello, and welcome to the FM on Toast page.
Every day from 6 -9am, and 9am - 1pm on Saturdays,
we deliver a different slice of

Folk and Acoustic Music.
Wondering where all the great folk, protest, and topical music went?
Looking for the best in Alternative Community Radio?...
Well, Come on in.... It's pickin' time!


Here's Chris Smither and
"Origin of Species"





Thanks for visiting!

I hope by now you want to listen to some of the great programming described above.
How? Its simple, if you are in the Greater Hartford (USA) area tune to 91.3 FM.In Somers, CT the frequency is 89.7 and in Wallingford tune to 89.9.  You can also hear us quite often in the Torrington, CT area on WAPJ, 89.9 and 105.1.  If you are outside this area don't worry, we webcast 24/7 in both WM and Real. Just click on the "Listen to WWUH Live" link on the upper left of this page".

I'm Brian Burness, editor of the FM on Toast pages.
You can contact me at mandograss@hotmail.com, or you can
go over my head and reach out to the webmaster himself,
Kevin Lynch, at KLbgrass@aol.com. If you really want to make
some noise, drop a line to the stations general manager,
John Ramsey at wwuh@hartford.edu