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A Brief Look At Our Current Staff,
Programa & Hosts

McNal Allison
Joined WWUH in 1991
Saturday All-Night Show

Keith Barrett
Joined WWUH in 1987
Monday Classics
"Drake's Village Brass Band"

A concentration on three aspects of classical music occupies much of Monday Classics: American music, music for film, and from 7-8pm, brass band music.

Larry Bilansky
Joined WWUH in 1993

Friday Classics
"On The 20th Century Limited"

Being an accountant by trade, I'm expected to be a conservative traditionalist. That's why I play primarily contemporary classical music and unusual interpretations of more traditional works.

Bart Bozzi
Joined WWUH in 1985
"Blue Monday"

Blues! The show presents a feature artist - 10:00, Back to the Roots - 10:30. My background includes 13 years of blues shows and 25 years doing shows on stations in CT and MA.

Steve Brewer
Joined WWUH in 2004
Thursday All Night Show
"Country Classics"

We hear classical classics and rock n' roll oldies...how about country classics? Country music, like most music, has evolved over the years. It is a hybrid of various elements consisting of folk, blues, and Bluegrass sounds. Today's country music incorporates more pop and rock than ever before. I think the old country music artists delivered their songs in a unique and recognizable style, unlike many current contemporary artists. When Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton (and the list goes on) opened their mouths you knew right away who that artist was. I hope to share with other classic country music lovers the passion I have in presenting a weekly three-hour program. I will be airing past - and some present - country music artists, as well as highlighting and interviewing different artists each week.

Keith Brown
Joined WWUH in 1980
"Gay Spirit"

"Sunday Afternoon at the Opera"
Producer of Gay Spirit, Western New England's longest running radio program specifically devoted to lesbian and gay issues. I have written a book about my radio history: "Annals of Gay Spirit." Host of Sunday Afternoon at the Opera for 15 years.

David Buddington
Joined WWUH in 2002
Wednesday Evening Classics
Each program attempts to provide a variety of classical music from various periods, including orchestral, chamber, and choral works, and music featuring various individual instruments.

Brian Burness
Joined WWUH in 2003

"U-H Radio Bluegrass"

Bob Celmer
Wednesday Morning Jazz

Mark Channon
Joined WWUH in 1989
Thursday Morning Jazz

With the spotlight on contemporary big bands, Thursday Morning Jazz is a favorite among listeners who dig the explosive sounds of larger jazz ensembles. Pat Longo's Super Big Band kicks off Mark's show each week, followed by three hours of the best musicians and arrangements going today. Mark has interviewed an impressive array of jazz artists since 1995, and often features them in his "Artist on the Hour" series.

Joined WWUH in 2008
This show presents the facts, issues and unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11 that the corporate media won’t cover. This show will inform you of the latest 9/11 news, events, films and books and share speeches and interviews of key figures in the9/11 Truth Movement.

Jim Christensen
Joined WWUH in 2000
Monday FM On Toast

"Conscious Evolution"
Acoustic flavored music including Americana, folk and bluegrass;
western and cajun to swing.

Steve Deiterich
Joined WWUH in 1992
Tuesday FM On Toast
"Celtic Airs"

Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton music, traditional and contemporary. Producer of the Celtic Concert Series benefit concerts for WWUH. Celtic concert listings covering all of New England available on listener line.

Mark DeLorenzo
Joined WWUH in 1982
"The Greatest Show From Earth"

The Voice of DeLorenzoid shares air time with The Microwave Brain (of Gary Levin) on the first Sunday of each month, as well as other talented and knowledgeable space-rock DJ's. The focus is on mid-sixties psychedelic, progressive rock and electronic music (full spectrum). Sunday night is your night to travel back in time with the night sky and your radio, let the TELTAN System staff take you on a mind bending 3 hours. Interviews, specials, live music, recordings old and new and much more. Listen to the quiet voice. Visit Teltan online at the teltan.org home page for The Greatest Show From Earth and Ambience. Play lists, info, and more!

Dave DeMaw
Joined WWUH in 1977 (rejoined 1986)

(fill-in: "Ambience" and "GSFE")
I’ve seen it all from the late 70’s to present day, a wonderful place to play and learn. Wow have we changed!

Scott Deshefy
Joined WWUH in 1997
Tuesday Evening Classics
"Heroic Overtures"

Contemporary and traditional classics, often heroic movie scores. Music which can "inspire today's, everyday heroes to force their hearts and nerve and sinew to last them long after they're gone." (Kipling)

Kenneth Dowst
Joined WWUH in ?
"New World Notes"
New perspectives on American government, foreign policy, media, and culture from a variety of sources. Produced by Kenneth Dowst.

Al Dzikas
Joined WWUH in 1991
"Lithuanian Hour"

The Lithuanian Hour is hosted by Al Dzikas. The show has been on various Hartford radio stations for the last 41 years. It features music and culture of Lithuania.

Bobby Gomes
Joined WWUH in 2004
Sunday All-Night Show

Brian Grosjean
Joined WWUH in 1991
Sunday FM On Toast
"Culture Cafe"

Brian plays folk music from the rest of the world - African, Latin, Flamenco, Native American, Asian music and much more. The show's motto is "World Peace Through Cultural Celebration".  When not on the air, Brian writes reviews for Rhythm Magazine.

Sam Hatch
Joined WWUH in 2002
"Culture Dogs"
Sam is a mystery to us here at WWUH. Although we do hear him co-host with Kevin O'Toole every Sunday at 8:00pm, we've never actually seen him...and no photo of Sam has ever been successfully developed.

Eugene Hazanov
Joined WWUH in 2003
Wednesday Synthesis
"Ear Stretcher"

Gilberto F. Heredia
Joined WWUH in 1995
"Super Sabado"

Our show is about the classic years of Salsa: 1960's to 1980's. I'm very happy to be on the air because this music has seen us born, mature and grow

Aryeh Herman
Joined WWUH in 2005
"Mind Matters"
Airing the first and third Sunday of every month from 4:30 - 5 p.m., "Mind Matters" is the brainchild of Aryeh Herman and Tara Taylor, both doctoral candidates in the University of Hartford's Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology (GIPP). The inspiration for the show came from another psychology-based radio show in Washington D.C., the "Infinite Mind", but there was a fundamental problem. It didn't appeal to a younger audience. Both Herman and Taylor are passionate about "spreading knowledge" and informing college students about what is taking place around them. While the show's primary focus is on mental health, neuroscience and psychology's uses, the material is presented in such a way even non-science majors will find it interesting and understandable. Discussions will be based on topics common on college campuses such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Dean Hildebrandt
Joined WWUH in 1997
Monday Morning Jazz

Mainly mainstream jazz, a mix of old and new releases ranging from solo piano to big band. Predominant styles are post-bop, hard bop, ballads/vocals, and Brazilian. I'm actively involved playing sax in jazz and other bands.

Harvey Jassem
Joined WWUH in 1981
Harvey has hosted various jazz programs and co-hosted the "Streetcorner Serenade" oldies show during his long tenure at WWUH. He is currently acting as a fill-in host on the air.

Joined WWUH in 2005
Tuesday Accent On Jazz

Tuesday Evening Accent On Jazz has one constant each week, the show opens with the familiar Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart tune, My Romance. That one endearing selection is the catchphrase of my own approving and playfully affectionate romance with jazz. I invite you to join me each Tuesday evening for three hours of "Muse"ical jazz programming. Chat with me by phone or email.

"Wild" Wayne Jones
Joined WWUH in 1976
"Rock 'N Roll Memory Machine"

A Sunday night tradition, with over 1,200 shows aired by the same host "Wild" Wayne and thousands of memories later, we're proud to be New England's longest running oldies radio program.

Erik Kass
Joined WWUH in 2003
Tuesday All-Night Show

Kerri Ana
"The Punk Rock Cafe "

Pete LeBlanc
Joined WWUH in 2005
Friday Morning Jazz

Rick LaBrie
Joined WWUH in 1997
Friday Evening Classics

Kevin Lamkins
Joined WWUH in 2000
"Anti Radio"
Gothic Blimp Works

Non-commercial, non-conventional, non-conformist radio, local artists and independent music from across the musical spectrum. Also...
"RadioActive" hartfordimc.org
All the news that's unfit for corporate radio! Public Affairs with a focus on current, local issues and underrepresented voices. Hosted and produced by Kevin Lamkins & Kerri Provost. Wednesdays at 12noon.

Rohan Long "DJ Magnum"
Joined WWUH in 1999
"West Indian Rythms"
(fill-in host)
This program offers music from Jamaica, Trinidad and other Carribean Islands. We also deal with current issues and events - both locally and abroad.   Both hosts, Rohan and Phillip Mitchell (see his listing), are University of Hartford graduates.

William Mackey
Joined WWUH in 2002
Evening Classics (fill-in host)

Tony Magno
Joined WWUH in 1984
"Carosello Musicale Italiano"

Italian educational and cultural program. Special programming mixed with Italian music. Italian music from classical to rock. Longest running non-commercial Italian language radio program in the U.S.A., including weekly sports & news from Italia. Tony is joined each week by co-hosts Carlo Magno (joined 'UH in 1985) and
Mario Grietti (Joined 'UH in 1993).

Doug Maine
Joined WWUH in 1978
Friday Accent on Jazz

There’s too much great music being created in the world every day to listen to the same things over and over. WWUH has blessed me with the opportunity to hear all kinds of creative sounds and explore new ways of presenting music. Whether challenging progressive rock orthodoxy in the late 70’s or doing bluegrass fill-ins in the 80’s  I’ve always strived to bring together differrent styles and communities.  I’m always trying to learn more about where music comes from - its roots and important innovators - as well as where it’s going.  Doing jazz programs comes naturally, since it's a diverse musical world in and of itself. When everything clicks, the music flows from one style, era, culture or feeling to another.

Mike Marti
Joined WWUH in 1997
Monday Synthesis
"The Marti Parti"

Featuring 1950s and 1960s Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and Doo-Wop.  I lived the music, saw the artists, and danced to these sounds...and still do! Tune-in and I promise to bring you back to the pony tails, hot rod cars, drive-in movies -- and best of all that wonderful music.

Walter Mayo
Joined WWUH in 2003
Evening Classics (fill-in)

Ed McKeon [Folk Director]
Joined WWUH in 1985
Wednesday FM On Toast

The "Father" of the Folk Next Door concert series.  Ed hosts our most unusually progressive and eclectic folk show.

Bill Measom
Joined WWUH in 1995
Thursday Accent on Jazz

The show features straight ahead jazz with some big band and progressive. I've been a jazz fan for 25 years.

Phillip E. Mitchell
Joined WWUH in 1983
"West Indian Rhythms"

West Indian Rhythms is a blend of music and information straight from the Caribbean - a rich mixture of calypso and reggae served up with news and updates dished out weekly. DJ Magnum hosts from time to time.

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Susan Mullis [Director of Development]
Joined WWUH in 1981

I've spent my life studying and loving music.  Being on the radio allows me to share this love.  Ambience is an ever-evolving 3-hour exploration into the world of electronic and acoustic ambient music.  As Director of Development I oversee all the station fund raising, manage our listener data base and edit our Program Guide.

Chuck Obuchowski [Jazz Director]
Joined WWUH in 1993
Tuesday Morning Jazz
"Out Here & Beyond"

I attempt to capture the diversity of the modern jazz realm, focusing on local artists, musicians from outside the U.S. and cutting-edge improvisers. I frequently feature interviews with the music-makers.

Kevin "Moondog" O'Toole
Joined WWUH in 1988
Friday Gothic Blimp Works:
"Call It Thing"
      ...and "Culture Dogs"

"Call It Thing," with your host, Moondog is a free-form full spectrum show variously described as "all the best of anything at all" and "your weekly load-o-guff". Listen!

Plus Kevin and his cohort, Sam Hatch, co-produce Culture Dogs, an hour of movie reviews and muse every Sunday from 8-9pm. Occasional guests may appear -- real and imagined! This show is rated: X (for excellent).

Steve Petke
Joined WWUH in 1991
Thursday Evening Classics

Thursday Classics offers a broad range of music from the Middle Ages to the present, highlighting Renaissance choral music and lesser-known works by familiar and obscure composers.

John Prytko
Joined WWUH in 1988
"Polka Madness"

Polka Madness features several lively, happy polka music styles every Saturday morning. Join us Saturday mornings with your special dedication at 768-4701.

Henrique N. Ribeiro
Joined WWUH in 1977
"Cultura e Vida"

Portuguese music, history, news, community affairs and dedications.

Maurice D. Robertson
Joined WWUH in 1976
Wednesday Accent on Jazz

My show encompasses all aspects of improvisational music commonly known as jazz. Momentous music of past eras to the evolutionary, avant-garde. Informational nuggets, interviews and birthday tributes. Thanks for listening.

Peter Rost aka "River City Slim"
Joined WWUH in 1994
Thursday FM on Toast
"Pine Grove Blues"

Serving up a gumbo of American
Roots Music.

John Scott
Joined WWUH in 1988
Gothic Blimp Works

"Underground Radio"
I play a wide variety of music - rock, blues, folk, ambient and jazz - frequent interviews and more. Often I host live performances and interviews by area musicians.

Sam Scozzari
Joined WWUH in 2008
Friday All Night Show
4am-5am: It's My Vinyl -- rare versions, B-sides, 12" singles, and other vinyl oddities that have not yet made their way to CD.
5-o'clock hour: The Band Wagon -- mostly featuring unsigned artists.

Doug Sterbenz - Joined WWUH in 2001
"Street Corner Serenade"

Doug spins Rock & Roll and R&B
from the 40's through the early 60's. Occasional guest "DJs".

Monica Suneja
Joined WWUH in 2002

The longest running radio program in the USA featuring music from India that is both lyrical & exciting in composition. It offers a new dimension in musical appreciation for the Indian fan and Western listener as well -- including classical, contemporary, devotional and Bollywood music. Hindi is the predominant language used in most songs, while the hosts provide narrative in both English & Hindi.

Andy Taylor [Music Director]
Joined WWUH in 1979

Ambient, world music, the new electronic music, and rhythmic body rock, with the occasional flashback to classic space and progressive music.

Tara Taylor
Joined WWUH in 2005
"Mind Matters"

Airing the first and third Sunday of every month from 4:30 - 5 p.m., "Mind Matters" is the brainchild of Aryeh Herman and Tara Taylor, both doctoral candidates in the University of Hartford's Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology (GIPP). [see previous program description]

Rob Tyrka
Joined WWUH in 2002
Soap Box
Every Thursday at 12:00pm.
Rob interviews progressive authors and activists.

Lloyd Weir
Joined WWUH in 1986
"Reggae Music"
All Night Show

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