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It's All Live!

Live Radio All Day Long
September 20, 2007
6:00am to 6:00pm

Remember Spontaneity?

  Back in the day before digital files, and magnetic tape, and master disk recordings, there was more than enough spontaneity to go around.
You wanted music on the radio?
Play it live.
You wanted drama?
You get the point.

  In the olden days of radio, live music and talk were standard operating procedures. When broadcasters figured out how to get "records" played on air, it all began to change. And now, commercial radio is filled with canned radio feeds that have little, or nothing to do with what is happening here and now.
  Not at WWUH. We've always believed in independent radio, that is truly local in its personality, and as spontaneous as the FCC allows. Hence, "It's All Live"... a celebration of live radio by WWUH. We've done it before, and we're doing it again because we can. And because it's fun.

Beginning at 6:00am on Thursday September 20, all CD players, MP3 players, tape machines, digital playback and cart machines
...will be switched off !

  For 12 hours the staff of WWUH, and some intrepid musicians, will attempt to reclaim the exciting glory days of yore when live radio meant that anything can happen.

  All regularly scheduled music and news shows, Folk, Jazz, Public Affairs, Alternative Rock and Classical Music will be on the air as scheduled, but everything you hear will be performed live. From the folk ballads and jazz standards to public service announcements, every sound on the air will be happening in real time.

  WWUH has resurrected It's All Live as part of its celebration and commemoration of 40 years of producing locally independent, community radio.

» Read a bit of  "It's All Live" History


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