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What is Anti-Radio?
By Kevin Lamkins

It is the essence of all that WWUH stands for, wrapped up into one neat 3-hour weekly package. It is one of the most unpredictable shows on the air. It is a direct assault on the mainstream commercial radio that pollutes 80% of the airwaves. It challenges the listeners to think of music the way it was meant to be thought of: as an art form in addition to entertainment. Anti-Radio is free form radio for freethinking people. It’s independent radio for independent artists.
The music you’ll find here is just about anything you can think of: rock, hip hop, jazz, blues, hardcore, psychedelic, folk, metal, fusion, punk, progressive, experimental and beyond. You won’t find any top 40 junk on here. The focus is instead on artists working to subvert the corporate, money-hungry, bottom line only music industry. There is a particular focus on the Hartford scene, as well as CT and the northeast. Local artists are encouraged to submit material to the show. I believe musical creativity should not be limited by commercial constraints. It should not have to conform to the cookie cutter flavor-of-the-week in order to be deserving of airplay.
On the show I always bring in various features, for instance, website reviews of independent bands, or reports from different music scenes across the area and country, or in-studio guest musicians or other experts dealing with independent music. With so many advancements in technology making it easier for musicians to create, record, distribute and market their own music, we’re poised for a real musical revolution where the few companies that own 90% of music in the world, are no longer relevant. My show is designed to fortify that revolution, three hours at a time. Every Wednesday from midnight to 3:00 am, is your chance to experience the music they don’t want you to hear. Don’t be left behind.
Now that you know what it’s all about, how about a little preview? Here are some artists who are regulars on my show, breaking new ground in their respective genres.

Sugarfistwww.sugarfist.com - a blend of hardcore, funk, disco, experimental and more make this band one of the most unique in New England. Influences range from Mr. Bungle to Zappa to P-Funk. Sugarfist made its name through its outrageous live performances as well as its showing in several major musical competitions, including one on Mp3.com. With two albums to date, the band is expecting to release an all-funk album very soon.

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreamswww.slambovia.com - a surrealistic interpretation of the American folk-rock tradition, Gandalf Murphy wanders through dark narratives, magical fantasies, and through the wide spectrum of human emotions. Their first album, A Good Thief Tips His Hat, won them several NY area awards and critical acclaim across the region. Recently, they released a double live album, Live at the Towne Crier, and the follow up studio disc is expected out this fall.

DJ Real www.djrealsmells.com - a one-man show, musical comedian, whose dance moves rival even the great MC Hammer’s, this CT native severs the notion that humor doesn’t belong in music. He’s created an entire world of characters, slaughtering many sacred cows of today’s music industry and pop-culture in the process. He knows that humor is no excuse for sacrificing musicianship, which is evident in his two full-length releases Happy Accident and the newly released, Mr. Reeus. DJ Real is the complete Do-it-yourself modern musical artist, recording all the material himself, performing all the instruments and vocals, and inventing his own dance moves along the way.

Like what you hear? Have a suggestion? Let me know: nivek7@hotpop.com Hope you like the show.

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