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What’s that beautiful noise??

     It’s Connecticut’s burgeoning music scene, refusing to be ignored! This state is strangely blessed with a huge quantity and variety of local musical talent. The music of tomorrow is being made all around us today. Artists from all genres are creating new and interesting sounds across the state. Whether it’s folk, jazz, hard core, blues, R&B, alternative, progressive, funk, metal, or just straight-ahead rock n’ roll that you like, Connecticut has got something for you. All you have to do is open your ears. The music is right in your backyard.
     In an often-unsympathetic bar and club scene and an uninterested commercial radio market, local musicians don’t often get the pay, the audience, and the respect they deserve. That’s where WWUH comes in. Already, UH Radio incorporates many local artists into its programming. Now there’s a show that brings together locals for an entire evening showcasing the rich musical diversity Connecticut has. Every Monday at midnight, tune in to hear Dr. Longhair’s LOCAL Anesthetic, for 3 hours of local music in all genres. I’ll introduce you to all the musical neighbors that you might not have known you had. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening in local music events and news, as well as have in-studio guests and live performances.
    In future newsletters I’ll be helping you get to know some of these local artists. With show updates, CD reviews, website info, and interviews I want to be your source for local music. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at Dr_Longhair@altavista.com. Or if you’re an artist and would like to join the playlist, you can send submissions to:

Dr. Longhair
200 Bloomfield Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117

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