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It's All Live 3, Thanks!

  A Big thank you to everyone who made It's All Live 3 a success!

WWUH Staff:
Peter Rost - host of Thursday FM on Toast
Ed McKeon - host of Wednesday FM on Toast
Steve Theaker - host of Friday FM on Toast & Catering
Mark Channon - host of Thursday Morning Jazz
Dean Hildebrandt - host of Monday Morning Jazz
Pete LeBlanc - new host of Friday Morning Jazz
Chuck Obuchowski - host of Tuesday Morning
Jazz Mike DeRosa - New Focus/Public Affairs Director
Kevin Lamkins - Radio Active Host
John Holder - public affairs producer
Rob Tyrka - Soap Box Host
Kevin Lamkins - host of Thursday Synthesis
Eugene Hazanov - host of Wednesday Synthesis
Mark DeLorenzo - host of The Greatest Show on Earth
Sam Hatch - host and producer of Culture Dogs
Kevin O'Toole - host and producer of Culture Dogs
Bob Walsh - fill in host for our Classical programming
Dave Buddington - Classics host
Jim & Marsha Meehan - classics assistants / PR coordinators for WWUH Chris Larson - Engineer and IT guru
Kevin Lynch - Engineer and host of UH Radio Bluegrass
Chuck Dube - guest engineer from WFCR and UH alumni
Scott Baron - guest engineer from WDRC and UH alumni
Chris Heerema - guest engineer from CCCI and UH alumni
John Ramsey - Station Manager and Chief Engineer
Dan McNamara - for use of the TV studio as our green room
Mary Dowst - WWUH Business Manager for food purchase orders

  And all our volunteer performers: The Mayocks, The Joint Chiefs, Amy Gallatin, Dave Ebberly, Pete LeBlanc Quintet, Rich Goldstein Duo, Carol August Trio, Albert Marcel, Mile Marker Zero, Emma Weiss, The Culture Dogs, Steve Rutledge from Riders on the Storm, BiaXident, Laura Garritson, Arenski Trio, Miklos Quartet and Chris Ladd.

  I could not have made the day work without all this help, thanks to everyone, can't wait to do it again.
Susan - host of Ambience and Producer of It's All Live 3

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