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  We love hearing from our listeners and like to share some of the comments we receive from time to time:

  "I'm listening to you all the way from St. Katherine's, Ontario, a few miles away from Niagara Falls. Listening to you on the web of course and I like your station very much."

 "The other day I was listening to some kind of music on 91.3. I'm in my truck all day and like what you guys play, it was "dove" on music that I heard, it was kind of natural and everything, I actually don't know what it was but I liked it."

 "I got such a kick out of finally hearing radio hop-scotching, I found your numbers, finally I have heard something on the radio to my liking, the rest of the stations should be taken off the air, they play the same kind of rock music day after day and day after day and hour after hour, it just makes me sick. I got such a kick out of your station that I have a radio out in the garage and I'm just dancing out there to the music."

  "Hi - you are the only place to hear new music. I've been turned on to a lot of music and befriended many musicians I would never have heard of without WWUH but, because you often play so many songs in the row, I'm often unable to write down a particular song/artist I just heard."
Editor: You can find a list of everything we've played in the last 31 days on our web site, wwuh.org. Just click on the Music Play list button on the left of the home page.

  "As a longtime supporter of WWUH I want to express my enthusiastic support for the improvements in the web-site. Most of my listening is done at work, where distractions from the radio are frequent (after all, I am at work), and the addition of the play list to your (our) site has already been useful to me. WWUH is the quintessential college station, offering a wide selection of diverse musical styles and some cutting-edge public affairs programming."

  "The Celtic concert was wonderful. You were absolutely right in your description of the auditorium. It may hold 200+ people, but it seems to feel like only 50. We brought the whole family, and we all enjoyed it immensely (although our son, age 4, did express an interest in going home during the second set), my daughter age 8 weeks) was enthralled."

  "You claim that you welcome opposing viewpoints but we never them. Why not?"
Editor: We do welcome responsible opposing viewpoints but rarely has anyone ever availed themselves of our offer of air time.

  "Enjoyed your 12-hour live broadcast show, a real throwback to the old days of radio, I liked that I could hear the local bands without having to go out to a club. I enjoyed it, its great, and obviously these guys sound good live as I'm sure they do on CD. Looking forward to hearing more live stuff." Editor: We recently had our third It's All Live twelve hour broadcast and look forward to doing more in the future.

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