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Notes from Celtic Airs
with your host: Steve Dieterich
November/December 2004

  Our fall fundraiser was another rousing success, thanks to all of you who always come through for us with your pledges of financial support. Congratulations on your wise choice! You'll enjoy another six months of eclectic commercial free programming AND will look mighty fine in your long sleeved WWUH logo T-shirt!
  For those of you who are Celtic music fans, prepare for another line up of excellent concerts here at the University of Hartford. Don't forget, all proceeds of these shows support the operation of WWUH just like your pledges to the two fundraisers we have each year.
  The Cathie Ryan Band returns to the Wilde Auditorium 11/13/04. As you remember, Cathie first appeared on the Irish traditional music scene in 1986 as lead vocalist for the ever-popular band Cherish the Ladies. Since leaving the band for a solo career in 1995, she's released three acclaimed albums, the most recent being 2002's "Somewhere Along the Road".
  Cathie is blessed with a mezzo-soprano voice of shimmering purity and almost four-octave range. Her singing career began while growing up with Irish immigrant parents in Detroit. By age seven she was singing at the Gaelic League and in Irish-American clubs in the Detroit area.
  In the 1970's, she moved to New York City and began perfecting her craft with the legendary Irish sean nos singer Joe Heaney. He taught her the importance of "courting a song". "Rather than imposing your own style on the song you have to learn to sing it the way it wants to be sung," she explains.   In the 1980's, Joanie Madden of Cherish the Ladies discovered Cathie singing at a party. Moved by here pure voice, she asked her to join the band. Cathie spent seven years with the ensemble and recorded two albums with them. Cathie is also an accomplished songwriter. She writes from within her own life's journey with uncompromising journalistic honesty; case in point, "The Back Door", a story of 'undocumented' Irish immigrants living in New York City whom she befriended during her time there. She is also fond of Irish history and folklore, the source of some of her other songs such as "Grace O'Malley, pirate queen of the West coast of Ireland in the 16th century and "At the Foot of Knocknarea" about the Celtic warrior queen Maeve.
  Cathie has always been well received on her visits to the University of Hartford. She's accompanied by a collection of very supportive and accomplished instrumentalists who allow her to showcase her vocal talents. Please join us in the Wilde Auditorium Saturday November 13th to enjoy a night of wonderful traditional and contemporary Irish songs from the Cathie Ryan Band.
  Julee Glaub and Friends will return to the University of Hartford on Saturday December 11th to give us a first hand introduction to her CD Blue Waltz, released early in this year. The album features Daithi Sproule of Altan, Claudine Langille, a founding member of the 1980's band Touchstone, Vermont's Pete Sutherland, a well known piano/fiddle player and tune composer, North Carolina banjo player/ songwriter Joe Newberry and Slovak Jozef Luptak whose haunting cello underscores the emotion of some of the slow ballads. For this concert, Julee will be joined by Pete Sutherland and Joe Newberry.
  Blue Waltz includes traditional Irish songs, old-timey/Appalachian songs and some gospel songs. Growing up in North Carolina, Julee fell in love with the music she heard in the Blue Ridge Mountains. After college graduation she moved to Ireland for six years. She put this time to good use, haunting the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin in a search for forgotten songs that spoke to her. She also did "on the job training" in numerous sessions in the greater Dublin environs. On returning to America, she assimilated into the Irish/Irish-American community of New York/ New Jersey. She frequently performed with fiddler Brian Conway and for a short time they formed a band Sead that appeared here in the Celtic Airs concert series.
  The similarities between Irish and Appalachian music and their common roots intrigued Julee and she determined to explore these similarities. Her selection of songs for Blue Waltz bears witness to their many connections. From Ireland there is "The Time Draws Near" and "The Wounded Hussar", from Appalachia "In the Lone Graveyard" and "One Rose" and from Europe and America "The Gypsy Davy" for which hundreds of variants can be found.
  I sincerely hope you will turn out to welcome Canton, CT's own Julee Glaub to the Wilde Auditorium on Saturday, December 11th. While you're enjoying the music, take the opportunity to pick up a few autographed copies of Blue Waltz, just right for holiday gift giving!

  Tickets for the Celtic Airs/WWUH concert series are available from the University of Hartford box office, open 10AM- 6PM, Monday- Friday. Call 1-800-274-8587 or 768-4228 or purchase on line at hartford.edu/hartt. Tickets go on sale two months before each concert date.

  Celtic Airs is heard Tuesday mornings 6-9AM on WWUH, 91.3 FM. I'll be playing all the latest releases from Ireland, Scotland and the other Celtic nations as well as a sampling of your favorites from the past. We'll showcase the bands coming to perform in our concert series and keep you up to date on Celtic concerts throughout New England. Thanks for letting me be a part of you Tuesday mornings! I look forward to meeting you in person at an upcoming concert.

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