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A Note from the desk of our Program Director

    March was an exciting time here at the station! Many changes have taken place; new faces joined us and you the listeners have shown tremendous support for WWUH radio. As I looked at my first six months at the station, I can not believe all the changes that occurred in this short amount of time. On paper six months is short, in hindsight it was a most exciting time.
    In March we asked you, the listeners, for your support in raising $65,000 to assist us with our $113,000 annual budget. Donations totaled over $70,000! None of that was possible without the support of your pledges. The entire staff at WWUH is greatful and astonished at the response our listeners gave to us. Thank you.
    More excitement also occurred at the station during March. The graduation of our first 1999 training program occurred. To volunteer at the station, a five-week training program is executed to teach new volunteers about the station. Our newest volunteers have graduated and are donating valuable ideas and time to the station. I would like to congratulate and welcome the new volunteers. I hope your time here at WWUH is as exciting and rewarding as I, and the rest of the staff, find it to be.
    March brought much joy, but sadness was also sent our way. Vijay Dixit, the host of Geetanjali, heard every Friday evening left WWUH. Vijay was part of WWUH for over 20 years, bringing the community superb programming. Geetanjali, hosted by Vijay, is the longest running program in the United States featuring the news, music and culture of India. Vijay opened the eyes of many listeners to the culture of India. I personally found an entire new culture and much information on India that only Geetanjali could bring. Vijay’s dedication and excellence at WWUH will be missed. Please do not go far Vijay, we will miss you.
    It is a wonderful time at WWUH. It is my wish to see the station grow over the next 20 years as Vijay has seen the last 20. Talking to the new volunteers I realize the excitement and love of WWUH and radio that all of us at the station have. This dedication and love carries over into all our lives. It carries over to our listeners. I hate to use money for an analogy but it fits. The dedication of our listeners was shown through the donation of over $70,000 during Marathon. The volunteerism and love we hold for the station is observed in excellence. We bring you outstanding programming, Vijay is a prime example. The relationship between the volunteers and you as a listener is unique and binding. Let’s help to make this relationship grow. Thank you to our listeners, thank you to our staff and the partnership we all share.

Nicole Godburn, Program Director

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