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A Native American Odyssey: Inuit to Inca
Putumayo Records (800) 995-9588, x215
By Brian Grosjean

    This compilation of music from our Native American elder brothers and sisters includes music representing most of today’s Fourth World culture. The album goes from North (Kashtin and Tudjaat – Canadian Inuit) to South (Expresión- Peruvian Andes) to include examples of acoustic, folk rock, Brazilian jazz and Andean music. For me, the high point was Marlui Miranda’s knockout singing on Aruruna. Sadly missing, though, are traditional powwow songs and the new Black Indian beat. (You may want to add The Rough Guide to Native American Music to this for a more complete collection). Putumayo’s recognizable, always cute folk art cover adds to the enjoyment of the album.
    All in all, this compilation is a very listenable collection of Native Music that fits together well, compelling the astute listener to wonder aloud to anyone who will listen: Where has this music been hiding all this time and why can I never find it on the radio!!

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