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Voices of the World
World Music Reviews by
Brian Grosjean, host of Sunday morning FM On Toast
The Culture Café

“World Peace Through Cultural Celebration”

Recent and Remarkable Releases

We receive around 30 new releases a month of just World Music at WWUH, in addition to the new rock, folk, jazz, classical, urban and blues releases. We preview every release and we try to play every new release several times on the show over the air within a few weeks of receipt.

Here are some of the exciting new releases receiving play on the Culture Café during the last few months:

Hurlak / Bucarest Blues / Iris Music - the French are coming by way of Hungary and Romania to take over your Gypsy guitar and accordion music. Listen in and hold on tight!

Various / Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco / World Music International – The fabulously diverse country of Morocco comes alive with a little curiosity. Hear what makes this one of the most sought after musical tourist destinations in the world.

Orkestina / Transilvania Express / World Village – more realism from Eastern Europe – fast, fun, well recorded, and worth every bent gypsy lyric!

Ejigayehu Shibaba / Abyssinia Infinite / Network – Bill Lasswell schmoozes the clear vocals of Gigi Shibaba into slick and powerful updating of traditional Ethiopian pop.

New Primitives / Pilot Knob Music – I’m not usually a blues/folk lover, but this infectious album came just at the right time with the right mix of humor and quality tunes.

Umanji / Ndlala / Giant Steps, BMG Africa – Another South African treat lands on our doorsteps and proceeds to sweep us off our feet with smooth Afro-pop rhythms.

Soweto String Quartet / Our World / BMG Africa – this unexpected gem shows again how we should be expecting only the best from African musicians and producers. What could be better than an African String Quartet playing Western and African music to the absolute highest standards.

Various / Planet Buzz / Narada World – Narada joins with Rhythm Music Magazine to search the world for relevant and influential music from each continent. Included are Mosquitos, Tony Allen, Lo Jo and Estrella Morente.

Habib Koite & Bamada / Foly / World Village –A live album in support of his world tour. More Malian music with a top rated band.

Rubalcuba / Pasado y Presente / Universal - Cuban piano jazz legend.

Duade Neguinha / Te Amo / Realworld – Brilliant Brazilian music with natural sound of the city

Peru Negro / Jolgorio / Times Square – The traditional Peruvian folk troupe brings their love of the culture to the rest of the world. This rewards continued listening.

Brian Grosjean

World Music Label Websites:
Allegro (distributor) www.allegro-music.com/
ARC Music (UK Distributor) www.arcmusic.uk.co
Alula www.alula.com/
Canyon Records (Native American) www.canyonrecords.com/
Felmay (Italian) www.felmay.it
Harmonia Mundi (world, classical and ambient) www.harmoniamundi.com/hmUS/homeus.asp
Intuition (European) www.schott-music.com/intuition/main.htm
Naxos World (Compilations from around the world) http://www.naxos.com/
Narada World – www.naradaworld.com
NorthSide (Nordic) www.noside.com/
Nubenegra www.nubenegra.com/
Omnium www.omnium.com/
Putumayo www.putumayo.com/
RealWorld and Caroline (Peter Gabriel’s World Music Label) realworld.caroline.com/
Rounder www.rounder.com/
Ryko, Hannibal, Tradition and other labels www.rykodisc.com/
Silverwave (Native American) www.silverwave.com/
Slask! (Swedish Folk and Rock) www.algonet.se/~slask/home.html
Tinder www.tinderrecords.com/
Traditional Crossroads (Middle Eastern) www.rootsworld.com/crossroads/index.html
World Music Network / Network www.worldmusic.net/home/index.html

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