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Dr. Longhair’s Mysterious Scribblings!
By Kevin Lamkins

      Well, the local music scene is definitely heating up as musicians wake from winter’s hibernating effects and begin to thaw out for the upcoming concert season.  There are a ton of great musicians right around the corner anxiously awaiting an open ear.  So why not give it to them?

            Recently I discovered a one-stop local music shop online.  Jammerelli, a local guitar slinger/songwriter and current lead guitarist for Masala (www.ardennais.com/masala), put together a website: www.Jammerelli.com.  The site is a constantly growing database of local talent, representing all regions of the scene and many different musical genres.  For budding musicians, the site includes valuable resources as well, including open mics across the state, radio links (including me!), links for sound, recording, etc.  Jammerelli is a firm believer in sharing links to help build this local music web community.  There’s also a picture section where surfers can get the visual wrap-up to the latest shows.  I definitely recommend checking out Jammerelli.com for more info about the music that’s all around you. 

            Another valuable online resource comes from longtime local supporter, Tom Nanos.  Nanos recently began Captain Feedback Productions (www.capt-feedback.com), a multi-faceted local music service.  Captain Feedback specializes in live recording, sound reinforcement, discounted web hosting for local artists and is a constant connection between fans and bands.  The website contains extensive archives of live recordings as well as tons of pictures from past events, featuring such locals heroes as Gargantua Soul, Chair 13, Masala, Mighty Purple and more. 

            This spring Jammerelli and Capt-Feedback joined forces to form a free open mic jam and workshop.   The jam happens every Sunday at Referee’s in Middletown.  Nanos is of course onsite to record each week.  The jam consistently draws some of CT’s most talented musicians, such as Karma, Kudra, Convergence, Ira Skal, Masala, who come out to try new material on the original music-friendly audience, new bands looking to get some performance experience, and even once in a lifetime jam sessions by musicians who have no earthly business playing together.☺ The result is a very unique, exciting and eclectic collection of music that I’ve never seen duplicated anywhere.  Sign ups begin at 6:00pm and the jam gets under way around 7:00pm. 

            Here’s a look at a group which recently enter (or re-entered) my local music collection:

            SiMent (www.siment.net) should have already released their first full-length CD by the printing of this article.  The until then however the band is offering up FREE samplers of the record from their website, which I just happened to get a hold of.  The sampler contains two tracks, “The Rebound Song” and “Britney” which are shining examples of the SiMent’s ability to weave clever lyrics into a pop-punk sound.  This band makes pop music fun again, and actually worth listening to.  “Britney” is the tale of boy and his long lost love; you guessed it, Britney Spears.  The song dares to ask Miss Spears, “Whatever happened to you?”  The answer: “You used to go with me to all the shows, and now you’ve got a boob job and everybody knows that you’d rather be hanging out with the Backstreet Boys.”  SiMent’s knack for lampooning pop-culture makes them a band to listen to.       

            Be sure to tune in every Monday at midnight for my show and hear all the newest local music.

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