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WWUH Helps Launch New England Jazz Radio Cooperative

    Regular WWUH listeners may recall Jazz Radio New England (JRNE), a non-profit jazz advocacy group which counted this station among its 30-or-so affiliates during the 1990s. The group produced a number of syndicated jazz programs and public service announcements. It also conducted seminars at arts conventions and promoted jazz broadcasting throughout New England. Sadly, JRNE fell apart amidst infighting and funding troubles a couple years ago. Now, however, thanks in large part to the generosity of WWUH, a new group founded on JRNE’s original principals has formed online to serve the region’s jazz radio community. This cooperative is designed to enable jazz DJs and radio stations to better serve our audience.
    The New England Jazz Radio Cooperative (NEJRC) now has its own web page, accessible through the WWUH site, http://wwuh.org NEJRC’s territory can be accessed directly from the WWUH jazz department’s home page. Co-editors for the NEJRC site are WWUH jazz announcers J.O. Spaak and Chuck Obuchowski, both of whom were founding members of JRNE.
    Although the site has been designed primarily for use by jazz radio programmers, it will contain plenty of information of interest to the general jazz radio public. Users will be able to find out which New England radio stations broadcast jazz, and at what times. A number of links to related jazz web sites are also included, as well as an extensive pronounciation guide for jazz artists’ names (C’mon...haven’t you always wanted to impress your friends with your jazz verbal skills?) WWUH listener comments and additional information on these topics are most welcome.

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