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A Note from the desk of our Program Director

    Finding heaven is a challenge, but once it’s found you never let it go. I can honestly say I have found heaven and it is located here in Hartford. WWUH is a vital part of the Hartford area, providing outstanding programming, community service, and sanity to a sometimes crazy world. Besides the excellent programming there is one more vital part to WWUH that many listeners may not be aware of, our DJ’s.
    I have been Program Director of WWUH since September 1998. In this short time I have found the reason WWUH is a piece of heaven: the voices that speak to you from the air. Without our DJ’s the station could not function, not give listeners that connection to our frequency.
    When I first walked into the studio I had no idea that this would come to be heaven. Honestly, I was terrified! To be in this studio with tons of blinking buttons, phones ringing and no idea what I could give to an already perfect institution frightened me. The fear lasted for about three seconds and the positive force that covers this station took hold. I soon found what makes the frequency of 91.3 FM move through the air and it is in the staff of the station.
    As Program Director I am pleased to work with the most amazing staff in the world. I can say this honestly. I do have one of the more stressful positions at the station, but the position is never a hassle. Many times fill-ins will be needed, shows will change hands and support is asked for and, I have never heard the word no from anyone. The staff is committed to keeping the heart of WWUH radio pumping.
    John Ramsey, the General Manager, asked me to type up a letter discussing my experience with WWUH to this point. John, my experiences have been excellent and I owe it all to the staff. So instead of discussing my time here so far, I wanted to turn this letter into a "Thank You." Thank you to the entire staff for their help and support in making my time outstanding. Thank You for providing the best! Programming in the area and making WWUH Radio what it is, heaven.

Nicole Godburn, Program Director

PS Listeners are welcome to send me letters. I am always interested in listener support, you may get your letter printed in the program guide.

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