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Ambience News

Following the 23-year reign of Susan as the knowledgeable and gracious host of Ambience on Sunday mornings, Ambience is now being brought to you through the courtesy of the Ambience Team.  The Ambience Team consists of four staff members who share an interest in ambient music, and who enjoy keeping the tradition of Sunday morning ambient music alive on WWUH.  The members are Dave DeMaw, 30-year staff member of WWUH and former host of The Greatest Show From Earth, who filled in for Susan on many occasions during her Ambience years; Mark Time, who was a staff member of WWUH for several years during the late seventies and early eighties and who recently returned to the station; Larry Bilansky, who also hosts his own Friday Evening Classics show, “The 20th Century Limited” on WWUH, and Dave Cyr, the team’s newest staff member, who joined the WWUH staff in December of 2008 after listening to the station for 30 plus years.  The schedule for the Ambience Team is as follows:

On months with four Sundays:
1st Sunday: Mark Time
2nd Sunday: Dave Cyr
3rd Sunday: Dave DeMaw
4th Sunday: Larry Bilansky

On months with five Sundays:
1st Sunday: Mark Time
2nd Sunday: Dave Cyr
3rd Sunday: Dave DeMaw
4th Sunday: Mark Time
5th Sunday: Larry Bilansky

These four hosts bring a wide variety of sounds to the Ambience audience, as each has his own musical leanings and show style.  We hope our listeners are enjoying the new mix!  If you have any comments you’d like to pass along to any or all of the Ambient Team members, please send an email to wwuh@hartford.edu, or phone your comments in to the WWUH listener line, at 860-768-5913.

In this issue of the program guide, we hear from Dave Cyr, who provides his focus and approach to Ambience …

Welcome to the Cyrious world of Ambience with Dave Cyr … where ambience is always the atmosphere, and space is sometimes the place!  My shows are normally presented in four one-hour sets, and are pretty much planned ahead of time.  I usually keep the first hour rather quiet, focusing on relaxing and meditative pieces.  The last hour often contains the greatest levels of energy, and during the two middle hours, anything goes!

Dave Cyr

I try to be selective with what I play, choosing what I feel are the best and most suitable tracks from the titles I pull from the station’s shelves or bring in from home.  With every show, I do my best to include a healthy dose of peaceful, low-energy soundscapes.  I enjoy this type of music immensely, and I view it as an essential core to ambient music.  I also enjoy playing upbeat selections, danceable rhythms, and energetic electronic pieces.  Tunes that include goofy, odd or unusual sounds, nature sounds, and spoken word passages are always great fun, and I have an affinity for deep space music as well as music that evokes our Native American Southwest.  I play newer music as well as older material, taking it all from CDs and LPs, at this point.  (I’ve yet to enter the word of electronically stored music – although I know my time will come!)  In any genre, there are so many fine artists that it’s impossible for me to name “favorites” or identify who I think is “the best”.  If pressed, however, I would say that some of the ambient musicians whose work I most admire and have especially enjoyed include George Deuter, David Parsons, Jonn Serrie, and, of course, Brian Eno.  

It’s wonderful to have joined the staff of a radio station that I’ve been a devoted listener to for so many years.  I love and listen to numerous musical genres, and ambient is one of my favorites.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the WWUH Ambient Team, and to present, each month, my own slice into the vast world of ambient music!   


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