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WWUH Classical Programming
March / April 2007
by Keith Barrett

Sunday Afternoon at the Opera ~ Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Evening Classics ~ weekdays 4:00 pm to 7:00/8:00 pm
Drake's Village Brass Band ~ Monday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thu 1 Tuma: Sinfonias; Boccherini: Symphony in A, Op. 12 #6; Peerson: Motets; Chopin: Mazurkas; Brouwer: El Decam- eron Negro; Mielck: Symphony in F; Hubay: Violin Concerto #1

Fri 2 What You Will.... Bloch: String Quartet #1; Hindemith: Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 11 #4; Dohnanyi: Serenade in C Major for String Trio

Sun 4 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Sullivan: The Grand Duke

Mon 5 Stokes: Susquehannas, The Pickpocket is Lyrical Too; Ives: String Quartet #1; Bloch: Concerto Grosso #1; Gould: Showpiece for Orchestra; Bax: Symphony #1 Drake's Village Brass Band…Williams Fairey Band- Spanish Impressions

Tue 6 Heroic Overtures… Bridge: String Quartets #2 & #4, Fantasy for Piano, Violin and Cello

Wed 7 Host's Choice

Thu 8 Hellendaal: Concerti Grossi #1-2; Boccherini: Symphony In B Flat, Op. 21 #1; C.P.E. Bach: Cello Concerto Wq 171, Symphony in D Wq 181 #1; Cozzolani: Motets; Leoncavallo: Songs; Alfano: Symphony #1; Hovhaness: Celestial Fantasy, Symphony #6; Lalo: Violin Concerto

Fri 9 What You Will....Bloch: String Quartet #2; Dohnanyi: Sextet in C major, Op. 37; Schoenberg: String Quartet #1, in D Minor, Op. 7

Sun 11 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Dvorak: Saint Ludmila

Mon 12 Schwantner: Distant Runes and Incantations; Ives: String Quartet #2; Bloch: Concerto Grosso #2; Britten: Nocturne for Tenor; Lutoslawski: Chantefleurs et Chantefables; Bax: Symphony #2 Drake's Village Brass Band…Grimethorpe Band-French Bon Bons

Tue 13 Heroic Overtures… Balakirev: Symphony #1, Overture to King Lear, In Bohemia

Wed 14 Prokofiev: War and Peace: Symphonic Suite; Vierne: Messe Solennelle; Music Mountain Concert

Thu 15 Ides of March…Handel: Giulio Cesare-Arias; Schumann: Julius Cesear Overture; Rott: Prelude to Julius Caeser; Palestrina: Missa Lauda Sion; Bliss: Ceasar and Cleopatra; Part: Tribute to Caesar: Kurka: Julius Caesar; Boccherini: Symphony in E Flat, Op. 21 #2; Halvorsen: Norwegian Festival Overture, Suite Ancienne; Flagello: Concerto Sinfonico

Fri 16 What You Will....Bloch: String Quartet #3; Schoenberg: String Quartet #2, Op. 10; David: Trio #1

Sun 18 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross; Lasso: Missa pro Defunctus Propheteiae Sibyllarum

Mon 19 Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher; Britten: Les Illuminations; Paine: Symphony #2 "In Springtime"; Bax: Symphony #3 Drake's Village Brass Band…Russian Wind Band Music

Tue 20 Heroic Overtures…Parry: Symphony #3 "The English", Symphony #4

Wed 21 Host's Choice

Thu 22 Into the Hills…Boccherini: Symphony in C, Op. 21 #3; MacCunn: Land of the Mountain and the Flood; Berwald: Reminiscences from the Norwegian Mountains; De Monte: Motets; D'Indy: Jour D'Ete a la Montagne: Bax: In the Faery Hills; Moeran: In the Mountain Country; Novak: In the Tatra Mountains; Liszt: Ce Qu'on Entend Sur La Montagne; Alfven: The Mountain King

Fri 23 What You Will....Bloch: String Quartet #3; Schoenberg: String Quartet #3, Op. 30; David: Trio #3

Sun 25 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Handel: The Triumph of Time and Truth

Mon 26 Koehne: Inflight Entertainment; Piston: Viola Concerto; Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Javanese Gamelan; Bax: Symphony #4 Drake's Village Brass Band…Jackson: Music for Trumpet and Organ

Tue 27 Heroic Overtures… Novak: Lady Godiva, Toman and the Wood Nymph, De Profundis,
Op. 67

Wed 28 Dyson: Symphony in G; Couperin: Premiere Lecon de Tenebres; Music Mountain Concert

Thu 29 Estimable English Exemplars…Arne: Overtures; Boccherini: Symphony in D, Op. 21 #4; Byrd: Motets; Dyson: Symphony in G; Alwyn: Lyra Angelica; Elgar/Walker: Piano Concerto; R.R. Bennett: Saxophone Concerto; Elgar: Sea Pictures

Fri 30 What You Will....Bloch: String Quartet #5; Schoenberg: String Quartet #4, Op. 37; David: Trio #3

Sun 1 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Tavener: Lament for Jerusalem; Sermisy: Lessons for Tenebrae, etc.

Mon 2 Antheil: String Quartet #1; Schwantner: Sparrows for Soprano and Orchestra; Adams: My Father Knew Charles Ives; Bryars: Adnan Songbook; Bax: Symphony #5 Drake's Village Brass Band…U. S. Marine Band - Monumental Music for Band

Tue 3 Heroic Overtures…Gade: Concerto Overture #3, Op. 14, Symphony #7, Op. 45, Symphony #4, Op. 20

Wed 4 Host's Choice

Thu 5 Boccherini: Symphony in B Flat, Op. 21 #5; Spohr: Clarinet Concerto, Violin Concerto in A; Crecquillon: Lamentations; Schumann: Pieces, Op. 42; Roussel: Bacchus ett Ariane, Piano Concerto; Rabaud: Marouf Savetier de Caire - Dances

Fri 6 What You Will.... Bloch: Suite for Viola and Piano; Sibelius: String Quartet in E Flat Major; Schoenberg: Quintet for Winds, Op. 26; Zemlinsky: String Quartet #1, Op. 4

Sun 8 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius

Mon 9 Antheil: String Quartet #2; Gould: String Music; Lieberson: Neruda Songs; Adams: Dharma at Big Sur; Bax: Symphony #6 Drake's Village Brass Band…Maslanka: A Child's Garden of Dreams, Symphony #4

Tue 10 Heroic Overtures… Gade: Symphony #1, Op. 5, Symphony #5, Op. 25

Wed 11 Czerny: Piano Concerto in A; Elgar: Sea Pictures; Music Mountain Concert

Thu 12 Boccherini: Symphony in A, OP. 21 #6; Lanner: Dances; Bassani: Missa Encarnacion; Bizet: Les Chants du Rhin; Lazarof: Symphony #2; Wolf-Ferrari: English Horn Concertino; Prokofiev: War and Peace - Suite

Fri 13 What You Will.... Ives: Violin Sonata #1; Sibelius: String Quartet in A Minor; Schoenberg: Quintet for Winds, Op. 26; Zemlinsky: String Quartet #2, Op. 15

Sun 15 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Leclair: Scylla et Glaucus

Mon 16 Antheil: String Quartet #3; Talma: The Ambient Air; Tavener: My Gaze is Ever Upon You; Hovhaness: Guitar Concerto; Chavez; Trombone Concerto Bax: Symphony #7 Drake's Village Brass Band…Illinois State University Wind Ensemble Commisions: Maslanka: Symphony #7

Tue 17 Heroic Overtures… Gade: Echoes of Ossian, Op. 1; Symphony #3, Op. 15; Symphony #6, Op. 32

Wed 18 Host's Choice

Thu 19 Avison: Concertos, Op. 4 #3 & 4; Boccherini: Symphony in D, Op. 35 #1; Music from the Habsburg Court; Shillings: Kassandra; Taileferre: Harp Concertino, Pastorale; Dyson: Violin Concerto; Fanshawe: Fantasy On Dover Castle; Pierne: Paysages Franciscains, Op. 43

Fri 20 What You Will.... Ives: Violin Sonata #2; Sibelius: String Quartet in B Flat Major, op. 4; Schoenberg: Little Pieces for Piano, Op. 19; Zemlinsky: String Quartet #3, Op. 19

Sun 22 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Truax: Powers of Two

Mon 23 Earth Day Special…Collins: Hymn to the Earth; Beach: Canticle to the Sun; Hovhaness: Symphony #60 "To the Appalachian Mountains"; Marx: Nature Trilogy Drake's Village Brass Band…Ramso: Brass Quartets

Tue 24 Heroic Overtures…Gade: Symphony #2, Op. 10, Symphony #8, Op. 47, In The Highlands, Op. 7

Wed 25 Handel: Organ Concerto #9; Dvorak: Symphony #7; Music Mountain Concert

Thu 26 Into the Woods…Boccherini: Symphony in E Flat, Op. 35 #1; Holzbaur: Symphony in D, Op. 3 #4; D'Indy: La Foret Enchantee; Raitio: Forest Idylls: Glazunov: The Forest; Sibelius: Tapiola; Dvorak: Silent Woods; Bax: November Woods, The Happy Forest; Raff: Symphony #3; Schumann: Walszenen

Fri 27 What You Will....Ives: Violin Sonata #3; Sibelius: String Quartet in D minor, Op. 56; Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21; Zemlinsky: String Quartet #4 (Suite) Op. 25

Sun 29 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Wagner: Das Rheingold

Mon 30 Monday Night at the Movies…Elmer Bernstein Film Music Collection-Rosza: Young Bess; Herrmann: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir; Williams: Memoirs of a Geisha; Glass: The Illusionist Drake's Village Brass Band…Ralph Sauer-Trombone Plays Telemann, Sulek and Others

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