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Culture Dogs' Corner

The Culture Dogs' WWUH Film Awards

by Kevin O'Toole

Yes, once again, we on Culture Dogs take up the tail end of the awards season by acknowledging the best and worst of our local cinema scene in 2005.

Feel free to use this list as a make shift ballot if you like (highlight your picks), scribble in write-ins, or cut and paste your WWUHFfies ballot from culturedogs.org! Please make sure, however, to have your WWUHFfies picks back in our hands here at WWUH by March 26th (via email, or snail mail at the address on our back cover,
Attn: Culture Dogs)

The 2006 WWUHFfies will be broadcast on
Culture Dogs in early April 2006

WWUHFfie for BEST ACTOR- Bob Hoskins, "Unleashed"/ Viggo Mortensen, "A History of Violence"/ Mickey Rourke, "Sin City"/ Deep Roy, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"/ Andy Serkis, "King Kong"

WWUHFfie for BEST ACTRESS- Maria Bello, "A History of Violence"/ Rachel McAdams, "Red Eye"/ Debra Monk, "Palindromes"/ Tilda Swinton, "The Chronicles of Narnia"/ Qiu Yuen, "Kung Fu Hustle"

BEST COMEDY OR WRESTLING FILM- El Crimen Ferpecto/ The 40 Year Old Virgin/ Kamikaze Girls/ Never Been Thawed/ Wedding Crashers

BEST ENSEMBLE CAST- A History of Violence/ Kung Fu Hustle/ Munich/ Palindromes/ Sin City

BEST FILM ADAPTED FROM A COMIC BOOK OR GRAPHIC NOVEL - Batman Begins/ Fantastic Four/ A History of Violence/ Kamikaze Girls/ Sin City

BEST MUSIC DOCUMENTARY- DiG!/ Rize/ Rock School/ Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus/ Touch the Sound

BEST MUSICAL OR MUSIC THEMED FILM -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/ Corpse Bride/ Hustle & Flow/ The Producers/ Rent

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (WESTERN HEMISPHERE,except U.S.) THAT OPENED IN CONNECTICUT - After Midnight/ The Best of Youth/ Caterina in the City/ El Crimen Ferpecto (El Crimen Perfecto)/ Intimate Stories

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (EASTERN HEMISPHERE (except Japan and India) THAT OPENED IN CONNECTICUT - Days of Being Wild / Howl's Moving Castle/ Kung Fu Hustle/ Tale of Two Sisters/ Travellers and Magicians

BEST REMAKE - Batman Begins/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/ The Chronicles of Narnia / Four Brothers/ King Kong

BEST SEQUEL OR PREQUEL - Batman Begins/ The Devil's Rejects/ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire/ Land of the Dead/ Palindromes

BEST SONG PERFORMANCE IN A FILM - Jason Buckle, Steve Claydon, Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, Steve Mackey and Phil Selway, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, "This is the Night"/ The Christers, Never Been Thawed, "Righteous Jew"/ Danny Elfman and Deep Roy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "Mike Teavee"/ Paul Green School of Rock Music, Rock School, "Inca Roads"/ The Sunshine Singers, Palindromes, "This Is the Way (That Jesus Made Us)"

COOLEST BOLLYWOOD ARRIVAL OF THE YEAR - Black/ Parineeta/ Rangeela/ The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey/ Sarkar

COOLEST JAPANESE MOVIE OF THE YEAR - Appleseed/ Howl's Moving Castle/ Kamikaze Girls/ Nobody Knows/ Steamboy

LEAST PLEASANT SURPRISE - Diary of a Mad Black Woman/ Domino/ Goodbye, Dragon Inn/ The Ring Two/ Rumor Has It

MOST DEPRESSING FILM OF THE YEAR or THE HIDE THE RAZOR BLADES AWARD - Bee Season/ Diary of a Mad Black Woman/ Head On/ The Ice Harvest/ The Jacket

MOST DISTURBING ARRIVAL OF PARENTS AT A SCREENING WITH VERY YOUNG CHILDREN IN TOW - The Devil's Rejects/ Four Brothers/ Land of the Dead/ Sin City/ War of the Worlds

MOST OVERLOOKED - Cinderella Man/ In the Realms of the Unreal/ The Jacket/ Reel Paradise/ Stay

MOST OVERRATED - Bee Season/ Crash/ Diary of a Mad Black Woman/ Goodbye, Dragon Inn / Last Days

MOST PLEASANT SURPRISE - The Dying Gaul/ A History of Violence/ Hustle & Flow/ Red Eye/ Syriana

WWUHFfie for BEST DIRECTOR - Tim Burton/ David Cronenberg/ Werner Herzog/ Peter Jackson/ Robert Rodriguez

THE "GOOD ENOUGH FOR WETA!" SPECIAL EFFECTS AWARD - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire/ King Kong/ Kung Fu Hustle/ Mirrormask/ Sin City

THE "IT'S ABOUT TIME IT CAME TO HARTFORD!" AWARD - Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress/ Days of Being Wild / Rangeela/ A Wake in Providence/ Winter Soldier

THE 2006 "WAITING FOR PIXAR" ANIMATED FEATURE AWARD - Corpse Bride/ The Curse of the Were-Rabbit/ Howl's Moving Castle/ Robots/ Steamboy

THE Z… DO CAIX√O HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR AWARD - Dark Water/ The Devil's Rejects/ Land of the Dead/ The Skeleton Key/ Tale of Two Sisters

WORST AUDIENCE - Crash preview/ Dark Water/ Walk the Line/ Rumor Has It/ Brokeback Mountain

WORST COMEDY OR WRESTLING FILM - The Dukes of Hazzard/ The Ice Harvest/ Must Love Dogs/ Rumor Has It/ A Wake in Providence

WORST REMAKE - The Amityville Horror/ Guess Who/ House of Wax/ The Longest Yard

WORST SEQUEL OR PREQUEL - Be Cool/ The Ring Two/ Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith/ The Transporter 2/ xXx: State of the Union

WORST FILM OF 2005 - Boogeyman/ Diary of a Mad Black Woman/ Domino/ Goodbye, Dragon Inn/ A Wake in Providence

THE WWUH BEST PICTURE AWARD - Batman Begins/ The Constant Gardener/ A History of Violence/ Sin City/ Syriana


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