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Dr. Longhair’s Mysterious Scribblings!
By Kevin Lamkins

      Hello there!  Hopefully many of you have gotten a chance to check out my show every Monday night at midnight, and if so, I’d like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU!  I’ve received great support thus far in my first 6 months or so at this station.  The response is so gratifying especially because of the nature of my show.  I specialize in playing local, independent artists, that don’t get nearly the respect (or financial backing) they deserve from venues, or the airplay they desire from commercial radio.  Local artists are working folks, just like you and me, and often balance careers, families, school, and more, just to create the music they are so passionate about.  Your open ears are such a valuable commodity to an aspiring independent musician.  So I invite you to continue enjoying the music that surrounds us here in the CT area. 
     Here’s a look at some of the artists I’ve been featuring lately on my show.  Look for them to make an impact in 2001. 

Sour Grapes (www.sourgrapesmusic.com) is an acoustic duo out of Bolton, CT whose gig schedule has been virtually non-stop since the start of the year.  The two finished their full-length CD, Hard to be a Nut, in the fall and are out in support of it.  Combining rootsy, lyric-centered, acoustic foundations and vocal harmonies with nontraditional percussion (congas and tap shoes), the group blends pop-folk sensibilities with an added rhythmic twist.  The cd is packed with infectious songs that are incredibly engaging because of the sweet vocal melodies and harmonies.  Hard to be a Nut is a great listen from start to finish.  Tracks that stuck out for me include “Down to the River” and “These Are Not Bongos,” a song that exhibits the duo’s humorous side. 

            Kudra (www.kudraband.com) is band that is happily up and running again, finally finding a new drummer in the form of multi-talented Jennifer O'Hara.  Kudra’s blend of modern alt-metal and musical prowess is a combination that I find particularly engaging.  There is definitely some great musical and lyrical substance to it.  Singer Chris Crowley's voice deservingly warrants comparison to that of Tool's Maynard James Keenan, but Kudra's sound is definitely distinctive, in part because of Crowley's acoustic rhythm guitar playing (which does not make this music any less heavy), and the creative lead work of guitarist Joe Pisko.  This is a sound that you won't hear from anyone else.  This band is definitely one to watch this year.  Already their momentum has been tremendous, with steady gigging and some good press as well. 

The Amnesty Underground continues to make waves in the New Year.  Though their gigging schedule has died down a little (after a relentless end of 2000), the band is looking to record for their next release.  This is where YOU come in.  The band is currently taking submissions for album artwork, by fans like you and me that will be judged and selected for use.  Submissions can take virtually any visual art form.  The contest is a great way to include fans in the creative process.  AU is also planning several out of state bus trips.  Find out more at www.amnesty.silkthreads.com. 

Jezebel Moon (www.jezebelmoon.com) is an all female five piece that has really become WWUH radio darlings.  In addition to being one of the most requested groups on my show, the band has been featured on Women’s Hour with Dawn and Gay Spirit with Keith Brown.  Performing a wide variety of charitable events in addition to their regular gigging schedule makes this group particularly endearing.  Moreso, however, the songwriting abilities and diversity of the group created by it’s many creative contributors, makes their debut cd Premonition a real gem from start to finish.  Listen for the tremendously rich vocal harmonies on the title track and on the very end “Naked Sound” – a song that also showcases the contrasting vocal styles of lead singer, acoustic guitarist and saxophonist Tina Jean with Denise Troy, keyboards and vocals.  Jean’s lower pitch and well placed edginess (hear “Premonition”) compliment Troy’s sweet soprano.  The inclusion and trading off of vocals with guitarist Sarah Nolan and Stacey Tiege adds even more range and diversity.  Other standout tracks for me were “Karmically Connected,” “Life’s Driving Me Crazy,” and “Found.”  

            Thanks again to everyone that has made my start here at the station a great one.  Please, let me know if hear some great local talent. (Dr_Longhair@altavista.com)  Also, be sure to go check out some more local, original shows when you get a chance. 

Copyright©WWUH: March/April Program Guide, 2001

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