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WWUH Classical Programming
July / August 2007

By Keith Barrett

Sunday Afternoon at the Opera ~ Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Evening Classics ~ weekdays 4:00 pm to 7:00/8:00 pm
Drake's Village Brass Band ~ Monday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sun          1              Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…James Whitmore in Give
                               ‘Em Hell Harry; Van de Vate: Where the Cross is Made
Mon        2              Schuman: American Festival Overture; Boyer: Ellis Island:
                               The Dream of America; Gillis: Star Spangled Symphony;
                               Del Tredici: Paul Revere’s Ride

Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time  Band Concert #1 – Copland Tribute

Tue          3              Classical Music to Celebrate the 4th of July and the
                               Concept of Independence Day, Including Film Scores
Wed         4             Barber: Violin Concerto; Ives: Three Places in New
                               England; Adams: Shaker Loops; Sousa: El Capitan
                               (Complete Operetta)
Thu         5              Boyce: Concerto Grosso in B Flat; Boccherini: Symphony
                               in A, Op. 37 #4; Beethoven: Piano Sonata #5; Festa:
                               Motets; Holbrooke: Piano Concerto #1; Gaubert: Flute
                               Sonata #1; Rochberg: To the Dark Wood; Ott: Triple
Fri           6              On the 20th Century Limited…Music to Celebrate the
                               Independence Day Holiday, Including Variations on
                               America by Charles Ives
Sun          8              Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Kodaly: Hary Janos
                               Narrated by Peter Ustinov
Mon        9              Korngold: The Sea Hawk; Moross: The Big Country;
                               Gershwin: Songs

Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time Band Concert #2

Tue          10            Berwald: Symphony #4; Mendelssohn: String Quartet
                               In A, Op. 13; Godar: Magnificat; Schubert: Octet in F           
                               for Strings and Winds
Wed         11            Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet
Thu         12            Aufschnaiter: Serenades Op. 21 #1-2; Bocchherini:
                               Symphony in C, Op. 41; Beethoven: Piano Sonata #6;
                               Lalo: Guitarre, Fantasie Norvegienne; Arensky: Suite
                               for 2 Pianos; Butterworth: A Shropshire Lad; Franco:
                               Theme and Variations; Akutagawa; Rhapsody for
                               Orchestra; Dreyschock: Piano Concerto
Fri           13            On the 20th Century Limited…Music for the Guitar
Sun          15            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Janacek: The Cunning
                               Little Vixen
Mon        16            Brass Knuckles- Conemporary Rags; Bernstein: Fancy Free

Drake’s Village Brass Band
…Summer Time Band Concert #3

Tue         17            Pleyel: String Quartets – in E Flat, Op. 2 #4, in B Flat,
                               Op. 2 #5, in D, Op. 2 #6; and New Classical Releases
Wed   18                Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique
Thu    19                 Boccherini: Symphony in D, Op. 42: Beethoven: Piano Sonata #7;
                               Halvorsen: The King; Tordenskjold: Gallus:
                               Opus Musicum; Zeller: Songs; Coleridge-Taylor: Violin
                               Concerto; Muldowney: The Brontes; Prokofiev: Violin
                               Sonata #2
Fri           20            On the 20th Century Limited…One or more of the
                               Duke Ellington Suites
Sun          22            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Rahman: Bombay
Mon        23            Still: Caribbean Suite; Rozsa: Piano Music; Kern:
                               Sitting Pretty

Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time Band Concert #4

Tue          24            Respeghi: Ancients Airs and Dances; Bridge: String
                               Quartet #1; Bizet: Clovis et Clotilde; Schubert: String
                               Quintet in C Major
Wed         25            Nielsen: Quintet for Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute and


Thu         26            Arne: Trio Sonatas #1 & 2; Boccherini: Symphony in D,
                               Op. 45; F.X. Mozart: Polonaises, Op. 22; De Cristo:
                               Motets; Field: Piano Concerto #5; Beethoven: Piano
                               Sonata #8; Schelling: Suite Fantastique; Volans: String
                               Quartet #1 “White Man Sleeps”
Fri           27            On the 20th Century Limited…Music of Wynton Marsalis
Sun          29            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Gilbert and Sullivan:
                               Princess Ida
Mon        30            Gurdjieff: Piano Music; Hovhaness: Symphony #38;
                               Vaughan Williams: Coastal Command Suite

Drake’s Village Brass BandPre-empted for Live Jazz

Tue          31            Continuation of several ongoing series: Shostakovich:
                               Preludes and Fugues; J. S. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier
                               Book 2; Rubbras: Symphonies; Arnold: Instrumental
                               Works; Milhaud: Symphonis

Wed         1              Beethoven: Symphony #1
Thu         2              Schurmann: Ludovicus Pius-Suite; Boccherini: Symphony
                               In D, G 500; Halvorsen: Vasantasena; Luython: Missa
                               Basim; Bliss: A Colour Symphony; Beethoven: Piano
                               Sonata #9; Hartmann: Symphony #6
Fri           3              On the 20th Century Limited…Host’s Choice
Sun          5              Sunday Afternoon at the Opera… Rossini: La Cambiale de
                               Matrimonio, L’Inganno Felice
Mon        6              Glass: Heroes Symphony; Vaughan Williams: The
                               The England of Elizabeth

Drake’s Village Brass BandPre-empted for Live Jazz

Tue          7              Scriabin: Symphony #1 in E, Op. 26; Symphony #2 in
                               C, Op. 29, Le Poeme de L’Extase, Op. 54; and Classical
                               Film Scores
Wed         8              Yoshimatsu: Saxophone Concerto
Thu         9              Kraus: Symphonies; Beethoven: Piano Sonata #10;
                               Fibich: Impressions from the Countryside; Brumel:
                               Magnificat Secundi Toni; Hahn: Piano Concerto;
                               Jemnitz: Trio; Catoire: Piano Trio, Op. 14; Raitio:
                               Antigone, Op. 23
Fri           10            On the 20th Century Limited…Music of Anne LaBaron,
                               Including Concerto for Active Frogs
Sun          12            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Goetz: Die
                               Widerspenstige Zahmung
Mon        13            Rosenman: East of Eden; Bernstein: The Commancheros;
                               Vaughan Williams: Bitter Springs

Drake’s Village Brass BandPre-empted for Live Jazz

Tue          14            Elgar: Bavarian Dances; Dvorak: Violin Concerto;
                               Chaminade: Trio; Schmidt: Symphony #1; Adams:
                               Shaker Loops; Bridge: String Quartet; Strauss: Death                                             and Transfiguration; Gottschalk: Piano Pieces, Souvenirs
                               Of Puerto Rico
Wed         15            Orff: Carmina Burana
Thu         16            Biber: Mensa Sonora; Beethoven: Piano Sonata #11;
                               Sinding: Violin Sonata in F, Op. 73; Scheidt: Sacred
                               Concertos; Danzi: Wind Quintet, Op. 68 #1; Pierne:
                               FantasieiBallet, Op. 6; Schumann: Sonatas for the Young;
                               Cordero: Eight Miniatures
Fri           17            On the 20th Century Limited…Twentieth Century
                                Interpretations of the Old Masters
Sun          19            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Kalman: Die
                               Czardasfuerstin, Grafin Maritza
Mon        20            Seascapes…Takemitsu: Toward the Sea; Hadley: The
                               Ocean; Carpenter: Sea Drift; Perrera: The Outermost
                               House; Iannaconne: Sea Drift

Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time Band Concert #5

Tue          21            Scriabin: Symphony #3, in C minor, Op. 43 “ Le
                               Divin Poeme”, Prometee -le poeme du fue, Op. 60
                               and New Classical Releases
Wed         22            Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony
Thu         23            Beethoven: Piano Sonata #12; Moszokowski: Violin
                               Concerto in C, Op. 30; Campra: Motets; Krenek: Little
                               Suite, Op. 13a; Lambert: Piano Music; Corigliano: Flute
                               Concerto; Truscott: Symphony in E
Fri           24            On the 20th Century Limited…Music from Bang on a Can
Sun          26            Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Delius: The Magic
Mon        27            Monday Night at the Movies…: Elmer Bernstein Film
                               Music Collection-Newman: Wuthering Heights; Rozsa:
                               The Theif of Bagdad; Bernstein: To Kill a Mockingbird

Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summer Time Band Concert #6

Tue          28            Continuation of several ongoing series: Shostakovich:
                               Preludes and Fugues; J. S. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier
                               Book 2; Rubbras: Symphonies; Arnold: Instrumental
                               Works; Milhaud: Symphonis
Wed         29            Beethoven: “Ghost” Piano Trio #5 in D
Thu         30            Sperger: String Symphonies in C & F; Beethoven: Piano
                               Sonata #13, Flute Sonata in B Flat; Handel: O Sing Unto
                               the Lord; Heller: Impromptus, Op. 129; Haydn:
                               Scherzandi; Maslanka: Saxophone Concerto; Tomasek:
                               Piano Concerto #1
Fri           31            On the 20th Century Limited…Classical Conversations
                               With Connecticut Composers featuring Elizabeth Austin

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