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A WWUH Public Affairs Program
July/August 2006

by Kerri Provost

  Since Spring 2005, volunteers from the Hartford Independent Media Center have conducted interviews and created a weekly public affairs program - RadioActive. The show - produced by Kevin Lamkins, David Rozza, and Kerri Provost - airs every Wednesday at noon on WWUH.

Did you know that on May 1st, 2006, 150 students walked out of Conard High in West Hartford to support immigration rights? You may have seen about a minute of sound bites and out-of-context video clips on the evening news, but RadioActive aired a full 30 minutes on the event. Instead of staging phony press conferences, Hartford Independent Media Center volunteers spoke with students at various points along the route from the high school to the West Hartford Town Hall.

  This is just one example of the kind of reporting that RadioActive has aired over its first year. That's right-RadioActive is now celebrating its one-year anniversary on the air.

  In recent months, we have brought footage from various pro-immigration, labor justice, and anti-violence protests to WWUH listeners. On other shows, we have featured interviews with animal rights advocates, an instructor from the Community Partners in Action Prison Arts Program, a constitutional law professor about abortion rights, members of the Institute for Community Research, and Peter Goselin in response to the Freedom of Information Act and Domestic Spying, just to name a few.

  If you know of a locally focused news story that needs proper media coverage, why not get in touch? For comments or ideas, contact Hartford Independent Media Center volunteers-producers of RadioActive at hartfordimc.org.

RadioActive airs every Wednesday on WWUH at noon.

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