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WWUH Classical Programming
July / August 2006

By Keith Barrett

Sunday Afternoon at the Opera ~ Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Evening Classics ~ weekdays 4:00 pm to 7:00/8:00 pm
Drake's Village Brass Band ~ Monday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sun 2 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Sousa: Desiree
Mon 3 American Festival…Herbert: American Girl Two Step; Schuman: American Festival Overture; Boyer: Ellis Island- The Dream of America; Bauer: American Youth Concerto; Copland: Old American Songs; Williams: American Journey; Seeger: 19 American Folk Songs Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #1
Tue 4 Heroic Overtures…Schmidt: Jeanne d'Arc; New Classical Releases to Celebrate Independence
Wed 5 C. Schumann: Romances, Op. 22; Mozart: Symphony #7; Haydn: String Quatet in G, Op. 76 #1; Mozart: String Quatet in C, K 465 Music Mountain Concert
Thu 6 Avison: Concertos, Op. 3 #3 & 4, Haydn: Piano Trio #25; Mozart: Cassation, K. 99; Vivanco: Missa Crux Fidelis; Janacek: Moravian Dances and Folksongs; Eisler: Piano Sonata #2, Suite #1; Hartke: Pacific Rim, Caoine; Martinu: Suite Concertante for Violin and Orchestra
Fri 7 What You Will....Cowell: Suite for Violin and Piano; Shostakovich: String Quartet #6; Khachatchurian: Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Sun 9 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Gershwin: Strike Up The Band
Mon 10 Guion: Fiddle Tunes, Country Jigs, Alley Tunes, Southern Nights; Foss: The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County; Moross/Latouche: The Golden Apple Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #2
Tue 11 Heroic Overtures…Rochberg: Symphony #2, Imago Mundi; New Classical Releases
Wed 12 Mozart: Symphony #6; Dvorak: Piano Quintet in A, Op. 81; Sibelius: Symphony #5; Shostakovich: Piano Trio #2
Thu 13 Host's Choice, Including New Releases and New Additions to the WWUH Library
Fri 14 What You Will....Zeisel: Second String Quartet; Adams: Chamber Symphony; Shostakovich: String Quartet #7

Sun 16 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Smetana: The Bartered Bride
Mon 17 Guion: Mother Goose Suite, Valse Arabesque; Walton: Façade; Foss: American Landscapes for Guitar Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #3
Tue 18 Heroic Overtures… Bengtsson: Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto and New Classical Releases Wed 19 Mozart: Violin sonata in E Flat, K 481; Mozart: Symphony #5; Shostakovich: String Quatet #9 Music Mountain Concert
Thu 20 Host's Choice, Including New Releases and New Additions to the WWUH Library
Fri 21 What You Will....Carter: 90+; Zeisel: Arrowhead Trio; Shostakovich: String Quartet #8

Sun 23 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Mozart: Il Re Pastore
Mon 24 Adams: Grand Pianola Music; Dello Joio: New York Profiles; Previn: Tango, Song and Dance; Stravinsky: Soldier's Tale Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #4
Tue 25 Heroic Overtures…Ohzawa: Piano Concerto #3 "Kamikaze", Symphony #3 "Symphony of the Founding of Japan; Classical Movie Scores
Wed 26 Brahms: Piano Trio #2; Mozart: Symphony #4; Smetena: String Quatet in E; Shostakovich: Symphony #6 Music Mountain Concert
Thu 27 Host's Choice, Including New Releases and New Additions to the WWUH Library
Fri 28 What You Will....Johnson: String Quartet #4; Zeisel: Piano Trio Suite; Shostakovich: String Quatet #9

Sun 30 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera Tesori/Kuschner: Caroline, or Change
Mon 31 Mason: Violin Sonata in C, Foote: Piano Quartet in C; Thomson: Filling Station Ballet; Weill: The Three Penny Opera Suite; Gershwin: I Got Rhythmn Variations; Milhaud: The Creation of the World Ballet Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #5

Tue 1 Heroic Overtures… Brahms: Symphony #2, Hungarian Dances; New Classical Releases
Wed 2 Schubert: Piano Trio in B-Flat, Op. 99; Mozart: Symphony #1; Franck: Piano Quintet in F Thu 3 Fasch: Bassoon Concertos in C, & D; S. Arnold: Overtures; Brunel: Requiem; Haydn: Piano Trio #26; Lauro: Guitar Music; Wolf-Ferrari: Violin Concerto; Rachmaninov: Morceaux de Salon, Op. 10
Fri 4 What You Will.... Sibelius: String Quatet in E flat Major; Rachmaninoff: Trio elegiaque #1; Shostakovich: String Quartet #10

Sun 6 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Rossini: Il Turco In Italia
Mon 7 Converse: Violin Sonata in A; Foote: Nocturne and Scherzo, Ballade; Satie: Jack in the Box, Les Adventures de Mercure Ballet; Milhaud: Saudades do Brasil; Horovitz Music Hall Suite; Satie: La Belle Excentrique Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #6
Tue 8 Heroic Overtures…Reznicek: Symphony #2 "Ironic", Symphony #5 "Dance Symphony"; New Classical Releases
Wed 9 Shostakovich: Violin Sonata, Op. 147; Mahler: Symphony #3; Mozart: String Quartet #21 Thu 10 Vivaldi: Cello Concertos; Haydn: Piano Trio #27; H. Praetorius: Vespers for St. Michael's Day; Liszt: SacredMusic Transcriptions; Moore: Farm Journal; Kancheli: Mourned by the Wind; Bengtsson: Cello Concerto
Fri 11 What You Will.... Hovhaness: String Quartet #3; Sibelius: String Quartet in A Minor; Shostakovich: String Quartet #11

Sun 13 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Rossini: L'Occasione Fa il Ladro La Scala di Seta
Mon 14 Deep Summer Music… Lars Prokofiev: Summer Day; Delius: Florida Suite; Vaughan Williams: Along the Field; De Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain Drake's Village Brass Band…Summertime Band Concert #7 The Grand Finale
Tue 15 Heroic Overtures…Saint-Saens: Symphony #1, Symphony #2; New Classical Releases
Wed 16 Handel: Organ Concerto #4; Gade: Symphony #2; Mozart: String Quartet #15; Brahms: Piano Quintet in F, Op. 34
Thu 17 Rameau: Platee- Suite; Porpora: Arias; Haydn: Piano Trio #28; Vaet: Motets; Mertz: Guitar Music; Rheinberger: Piano Trio #2; Melartin: LyricSuite
Fri 18 What You Will.... Crumb: Black Angels; Sibelius: StringQuatet in B Flat Major, Op. 4; Shostakovich: StringQuartet #12

Sun 20 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Romberg: The Student Prince
Mon 21 Monday Night at the Movies…Rozsa at MGM; Schwarz/ Dietz: The Band Wagon; George and Ira Gershwin in Hollywood: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at RKO; Steiner: King Kong; Herrmann: North by Northwest Drake's Village Brass Band…Russian Wind Band Music
Tue 22 Heroic Overtures…Beethoven: Piano Sonatas - Sonata Appassionata in F Minor and New Classical Releases
Wed 23 Turina: Circulo; Shostakovich: Symphony #8; Beethoven: Piano Trio in E Flat, Op. 70 #2; Ravel: Concerto for the Left Hand
Thu 24 A. Marcello: Oboe Concertos in C & D; Haydn: Piano Trio #29; ockeghem: Missa Caput; Volkmann: String Quartet #5; Heiden: Horn Sonata; Bentzon: Piano Sonata #9; Paulus: Air on Seurat; Martinu: Concerto da Camera for Violin, Piano and Percussion
Fri 25 What You Will.... Johnson: It Raged; Sibelius: StringQuartet in D Minor, Op. 56; Shostakovich: StringQuartet #13

Sun 27 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…Delius: A Village Romeo and Juliet
Mon 28 Monday Night at the Movies…Waxman: Sinfonietta for Strings and Timapni; North: Concerto for Piano withTrumpet Obligatto; Herrmann: Sinfonietta for Strings; Waxman: Rhapsody for Piano from The Paradine Case; Rozsa: Double Indemnity; Steiner: Son of Kong; Herrmann: Concerto Macabre from Hangover Square; Ifukube: Symphonic Fantasia #1 (From film scores) Drake's Village Brass Band…United States Air Force Band plays Overtures and Marches
Tue 29 Heroic Overtures… Beethoven: Piano Sonatas- Sonata Grande "The Dawn", Sonata " The Tempest" New Classical Releases
Wed 30 Brahms: String Sextet #1; Smetana: Wallenstein's Camp, Op. 14; Schubert: Cello Quintet in C, D956
Thu 31 Rameau: Pygmalion Suite; Haydn: Piano Trio #24; Mozart: Cassation K. 63; Isaac: Proprium; Anderson: Orchestral Music; Herrmann: North by Northwest - Suite; Moncayo: Huapango; Elgar: Sea Pictures

Classical Music Trivia Question:
At Prokofiev's funeral there were no flowers. Why?

(See answer at the end of the Opera listings).

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