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Dr. Longhair’s Mysterious Scribblings!
By Kevin Lamkins

            Well, it's been just about a year that I've been on the air here at WWUH and I must say I'm having a wonderful time.  I love to hear from listeners and I love to turn you folks on to some great local and independent music.  To celebrate I've decided to officially change the name of my show from "LOCAL Anesthetic" to "RISE UP Radio with Dr. Longhair!!"  I've also recently created a website for the show, which is a constantly growing center for local, independent music - for fans and musicians alike.  So, this is my invitation to you.  Visit www.geocities.com/riseupradio.  Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think.  Soon I'll be creating a categorized listing of artists in the area to match your musical tastes, along with FREE samplers so that you can hear some of the areas finest music.  I've also started archiving my recent program guide articles and playlists so you can have the inside scoop on CT's underground music scene.  Feedback is welcomed and always appreciated.  Happy surfing!
Ok, enough shameless self-promotion.  Most of you know by now that my show is about a lot of things, and none of them are me.  Here're some bands that are making noise this summer:
One band that can never seem to get too far from my CD player (or my playlists) is Sugarfist.  Sugarfist (www.sugarfist.com) is a vicious assault on the senses.  Their music is a fresh blend of aggressive heavy guitars combined with outlandish keyboards and some of the most unique musical arrangements I've ever heard.  Led by guitarist Mike Lebieniec, Sugarfist's sound is a plush assortment of musicality, which many would think, have no earthly business being together.  The band harnesses the power and dynamic range of Faith No More with the psychedelic overtones and melodicism of Jefferson Airplane.  And, they are as diverse vocally as they are musically.  Featuring the dueling leads of Jenn Jacobs and John Lebieniec, Sugarfist can melt sweet harmonies (think late '60s, early '70s) into angry growling (ala Pantera) in a split measure.  Wild, wonderful and different.  I guarantee you've never heard a CD like "Stinky Pinky," Sugarfist's debut album.  If you're ready to challenge the conventions of music, you must check out this band. 
Over the last month I've been previewing tracks from the upcoming release of the Suffield based band, SibiL (www.sibil.com).  Into Madness is the CD, scheduled to be out this summer.  It's an appropriate title for a band who's songwriting reaches through a variety of influence and ends up as one of the most eclectic hard rock bands on the scene today.  New drummer Mike Jaczyk joined up with the band this spring and has given them new life with a slew of big gigs including the Webster Theatre in Hartford opening for national acts.  Jaczyk's double bass playing is unreal.  It is a perfect complement to the tireless bass playing of Jeff Matthews who is a show in and of himself.  Matthews plays what I like to call "smack" bass (not "slap" bass) - I often wonder how he doesn't crack his instrument in half.  This is the perfect foundation for the soaring lead vocals of Lee Lucas, and moody guitar riffs of Rick Lucas.  Overall SibiL's music is a great hard-edged musical journey into madness.  Listen for "Sick Romance" or "Tribal." 
Scattered scribblings: Last issue I featured an open mic at Referee's in Middletown - the jam has moved to Thursday evenings.  See www.jammerelli.com for more details.  Masala (www.ardennais.com/masala) is planning two, count 'em, two bus trips to Boston this summer.  These trips help spread CT bands' influence across state lines and are always a good time with great music.  Visit the website for more details.  The Kelvins, Hartford's resident rock stars, are putting the finishing touches on their debut album.  Selected tracks are available on their website - www.thekelvins.com - and on my show, of course! 

Be sure to tune in every Monday at midnight for RISE UP Radio with me, Dr. Longhair.   And, drop a line to: Dr_Longhair@altavista.com

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