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State of the Bluegrass
by Kevin Lynch, Host of UH Bluegrass Saturday
 9am to 1pm

       With the festival season now in full swing I thought I'd pass this bit of information on to you folks.  Hopefully you'll benefit from these suggestions offered by myself, and some of the "U-H Radio Bluegrass" listeners, who happen to be active, experienced, veteran Bluegrassers.  Thanks for listening and have a great music season!

A few "Bluegrass Tips” to remember:

1) To avoid disappointment always call any venue / event you plan to attend prior to leaving home and confirm their lineup & scheduled times, ticket reservations, your camping space, etc.

2) Respect the venues and/or festival grounds by cleaning up your mess…or even your neighbor’s mess.  Most Bluegrass events are family-oriented programs.  Conduct yourselves accordingly. Bluegrass people have a great reputation for this practice…and it makes a lasting impression on the property owners and parks & recreation personnel who subsidize your favorite events by allowing the promoter to use their facilities.  The uninitiated, general public will follow your lead when they see how the Bluegrass crowd conducts itself.  Consider it an investment toward insuring the future of your favorite events.

3) Make your camping reservations, ticket purchases, and basically any Bluegrass music-related plans well in advance. It seems several venues have been selling-out their seats & camping spaces earlier each year.  Don’t be a slave to the dreaded  “waiting list”.   Make your plans for next year …this year!!

4) Join your local Bluegrass association, the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), and/or the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Your support may be the difference between success and failure.

5) Volunteer to work at a festival in exchange for admission and camping. Call your local association and ask what you can do to ensure their success. For example: place fliers / posters around your town, make arrangements with the promoter and your local access cable station for a TV ad or festival coverage, sell tickets at your place of business, hand out their fliers at the next festival or concert you attend... Do something!    It can even be as simple as buying a ticket for someone who has never seen or heard Bluegrass music before.

Play an active role in the growth of your music.  Remember the IBMA’s motto:

“Working together, shoulder to shoulder, for high standards of professionalism,

A greater appreciation for our music, and the success of the worldwide Bluegrass community."

Call 1-888-GET-IBMA or visit their website at www.ibma.org
Kevin Lynch - Host of "U-H Radio Bluegrass"

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