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Programming Selections for the Months of January and February 2005

Sun 2 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera….
Mon 3 THE PAST IS IN THE PRESENT…R. Strauss: The Times of Day; Novak: Songs of a Winter Night; Piazolla: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires; Bazelon: A Quiet Piece for a Violent Time; Schuller: The Past is in the Present
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Bennet: The Four Seasons; Bazelon:Midnight Music; Jenkins: Life Divine
Tue 4 Heroic Overtures…Brubeck: Chromatic Fantasy, 5 Pieces from Two Part Adventure, Tritonis; Carter: Symphony #1; New Classical Releases
Wed 5 Schubert: String Quartet #14; Lalo: Fantasie Norvegienne; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 6 Sammartini: Oboe Concerto; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 1
& 2; Bibl: Two Adagios; Ludford: Missa Videte Miraculum; Bruch: Symphony #2; Scharwenka: Piano Concerto #3; Martucci: Symphony #1; Scriabin: Preludes, Op. 13
Fri 7 What You Will…Carter: Con Leggerezza Pensosa;
Sessions: String Quartet #2; Milhaud: L’Album de
Mme Bovary; Francaix: Quintet #2; Lutoslawski: Two
Studies for Solo Piano
Sun 9 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera….
Mon 10 Beach: Songs; Cadman: Violin Sonata in G; Prokofiev:
Symphony #1, Suite from Love for Three Oranges,
Symphony #2
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Vaughan Williams:
English Folksong Suite; Del Tredici: In Wartime;
Daugherty: Bells for Stokowski
Tue 11 Heroic Overtures… Sibelius: Symphonies #3 & 7; Carter: Piano Concerto, Holiday Overture; New Classical Releases
Wed 12 Host’s Choice; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 13 Graupner: Overture in G; Stozel: Trumpet Concerto in D; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 3 & 4; Stoltzer: Motets; Gade: Symphony #4; Kalinnikov: The Cedar and the Palm, Serenade for Orchestra; Addinsell: Film Music; Glazunov: Symphony #4
Fri 14 What You Will…Carter: Ricononscenza per Goffredo
Petrassi; Wolpe: String Quartet; Milhaud: Quatre
Romances sans Parloes; Francaix: Piccoli Duetti;
Lutoslawski: Folk Melodies for Solo Piano; Schoenberg:Pierrot Lunaire
Sun 16 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 17 Music for Edgar Allan Poe…The Bells by Rachmaninoff, Milhaud and Holbrooke; Caplet: The Masque of the Red Death; Schmidt: The Haunted Palace; Holbrooke: The Raven; Prokofiev: Symphony #3
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Blake: Sinfonietta for 10 Brass Instruments; Lloyd: Symphony #10 “November Journeys”
Tue 18 Heroic Overtures… Elgar: The Wand of Youth Suites 1
& 2, Nursery Suite and Classical Film Scores
Wed 19 Schubert: String Quartet #15, Nielsen: Symphony #4; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 20 Haydn: Piano Sonatas 5 & 6; Chausson: Piano Trio, Op. 3; Schein: Opella Nova; Fiocco: Missa Solemnis; Lekeu: Piano Quartet; Piston: Suite for Orchestra
Fri 21 What You Will…Carter: Cello Sonata; Babbitt: String
Quartet #4; Milhaud: Suadades do Brazil; Francaix:
Quintet (1934); Lutoslawski: Variations on a Theme
of Paganini; Prokofiev: Sonata for Solo Violin
Sun 23 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera …
Mon 24 Bax: Fantasy for Harp and Viola; Mackenzie: Pibroch-Suite for Violin and Orchestra; Ireland: The Tritons; Bax Suite from Tamara; Davies: An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise, Farewell to Stromness; Prokofiev: Symphony #4, (1930) op. 47
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Ireland: A Maritime Overture, A Downland Suite; Walton: Richard III
Tue 25 Heroic Overtures… Griffes: The White Peacock, Clouds, The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan; New Classical Releases
Wed 26 Host’s Choice; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 27 Haydn: Piano Sonatas 7 & 8; Mozart: Divertimento, K. 270, Piano Concerto #11, Ave Verum Corpus; Arriaga: Los Esclavos Felices Overture; Lalo: Namouna Suite
Fri 28 What You Will…McKay: Caricature Dance Suite;
Silver: Cello Sonata; Adler: String Quartet #3; Francaix:Quintet (1977); Lutoslawski: Miniatura for
Two Pianos; Prokofiev: Violin Sonata #1
Sun 30 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 31 Collins: Piano Concerto #1; Loeffler: Two Rhapsodies for Oboe, Viola and Piano; Kurka: Music for Orchestra; Prokofiev: Symphony #5
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Showcase for Brass with the Besses o’th’ Barn Band
Tue 1 Heroic Overtures … Skrowaczewski: Concerto Nicolo, Concerto for Orchestra; Vali: Concerto for Flute; New Classical Releases
Wed 2 Dvorak; String Quartet #1; Bartok: Hungarian Pictures; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 3 Albrechtsberger: Tyrumpet Concerto; Fiala: Oboe Concerto; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 9 & 10; Palestrina: Motets; Mendelssohn: Pinao Music, Kozertstuck, Op. 113; Alain: Organ Music
Fri 4 What You Will… Hoffman: Duo for Violin and Piano;
McKay: From My Tahoe Window; Adler: String Quartet #7; Penderecki: Violin Sonata #1; Lutoslawski: Five Songs; Prokofiev: 5 Melodies
Sun 6 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 7 Myaskovsky: Cello Concerto; Hovland: Piccolo Concerto; Glass: Cello Concerto; Prokofiev: Symphony #6; Antheil: Jazz Sonata, Third Sonata 1947
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Summit Brass Plays Koetsier, Lazaroff, Haufrecht, Bernstein
Tue 8 Heroic Overtures… Markevitch: Musical Offerings from J. S. Bach; Vali: Folk Songs, Deylaman; Classical Film Scores
Wed 9 Host’s Choice; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 10 Molter: Trumpet Concerto; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 11 & 12; Anon: Barcelona Mass; Gade: Symphony #5; Goldsmith: Film Music; Glazunov: Symphony #5
Fri 11 What You Will… Cage: The Perilous Night; McKay: On
April Suite; Adler: String Quartet #6; Pendercki: ; Lutoslawski: One Word, One Sign; Prokofiev: Violin Sonata #2, Op. 94
Sun 13 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 14 A Valantine in Music…Bernstein: Dances from West Side Story; Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet; Antheil: Valantine Waltzes; Prokofiev: Symphony #4, Op. 112 1947
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Romantic Chamber Music for Horn by Czerny and Others
Tue 15 Heroic Overtures… Karlowixz: Music for the White Dove, Rebirth Symphony #7, Serenade for String
Orchestra, Op. 2, New Classical Releases
Wed 16 Dvorak; String Quartet #2, Nielsen: Symphony #5
Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 17 Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 1; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 13
& 14; Vieuxtemps: Music for Viola and Piano; Utendal:Motets; Madetoja: Elegy for Strings; Hoiby:
Schubert Variations; Jenkins: Passacablia
Fri 18 What You Will…Cage: Tossed as it is Untroubled;
McKay: Dance Suite; Pendercki: Cadenza for Solo
Viola; Lutoslawski: I Would Marry; Dohnanyi: Six
Concert Etudes
Sun 20 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 21 Rozsa: Piano Concerto; Mason, D. G.: Violin Sonata in C Minor; Prokofiev: Symphony #7, Symphony-Concerto for Cello and Orchestra; Antheil: Sonata Sauvage, Woman Sonata, Fourth Sonata 1948
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Crispian Steele-Perkins plays Concertos of Haydn, Hummel on Keyed and Natural Trumpets
Tue 22 Heroic Overtures…Beethoven: Works for String Trio, Assorted Trios for Violin, Viola and Cello; New Classical Releases
Wed 23 Host’s Choice; Shortened for U of H Woman’s Basketaball
Thu 24 Wesley: Organ Music; Haydn: Piano Sonatas 15 & 16;
Agricola: Missa Le Serviteur; Boito: Arias from Mephistofele; Fibich: Piano Quintet; Parry: Symphony #1
Fri 25 What You Will…. Cage: Daughters of the Lonesome Isle; McKay: Excerpts from Five Songs for Soprano; Pendercki: Violin Sonata #2; Lutoslawski: Bucolics for Solo Piano; Dohnanyi: Variations on a Hungarian Folksong
Sun 27 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera…
Mon 28 Monday Night at the Movies…Rosenman: The Cobweb; Williams: The Terminal; Shostakovich: Hamlet
Drake’s Village Brass Band…Art of Brass Copenhagen plays Holboe and Others

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