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Celtic Airs

Steve Dieterich became the producer/host of Celtic Airs in August 1993. His show focuses on traditional music from Ireland and Scotland with additional selections from Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia and the Canadian Maritimes as well.

In an effort to raise funds for WWUH, and to present live Celtic music in the greater Hartford area, Steve initiated the Celtic Airs Concert Series in August 1994. More than eighty concerts have been offered thus far featuring well known artists such as Dervish, Patrick Street, Battlefield Band, Tannahill Weavers, Solas, Danu, and many others. Steve has helped to introduce new talent as well: Teada, Ealu, Bohola, Flook, and Julee Glaub. Several foreign bands have made their USA debut performing for the Celtic Airs Concert Series.

Celtic Airs concerts take place at the University of Hartford. For upcoming concert details see the Benefit Concerts menu item.

Steve Dieterich retired from Celtic Airs in October 2016, at which point Ed Savage took over the show.