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How do I submit an announcement to WWUH?
  Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for non-profit organizations must be received by the station at least two weeks prior to the event. We prefer that you email them to us at wwuh@hartford.edu with the word "PSA" in the subject line, or FAX them to us at 860 768-5701. Provide as many details as possible and always include a contact phone number for information.
  Concert Announcements for use on the air and on our Listener Lines should be emailed to the above address with the subject "Concert Line".
Note: Keep in mind that not all announcements can be used but we will give each item our full attention.

How do I submit a CD for airplay?
  WWUH is one of the few stations that retains a copy of every single recording we receive. That is why we currently have over 90,000 LPs and CD's in our library! Since there is no "required" playlist, our announcers are free to play whatever they choose within the genre limits of their show. Obviously, we welcome submissions of CDs. All music releases should be sent directly to the radio station at:

WWUH Radio
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117

attn: Music Director

How can I find out what was played on 91.3?
  You can find out what is on at any given time by looking at the "Now Playing" section at the top of the wwuh.org home page. That information is updated every few minutes. You can also see what we have played over the last 31 days by clicking on the Music Playlists icon on the left side of our home page. You will see our playlists listed in 48 hour increments (we picked 48 hours so that the page would load as quickly as possible.) By changing the number at the top of the page and hitting the submit button, you can access previous playlists up to 31 days.

I'm having trouble connecting to the webcast.
What should I do?

  If you are having trouble connecting to our webcasts, contact us at wwuh@hartford.edu. Put "webcast problems" in the subject line.

How do I talk to the person on the air?
  The air studio phone number is 860 768-4701. While our announcers like to hear from their listeners, there may be times when they are so busy that they simply cannot answer the phone. Please be patient.

How can I get a sample copy of the Program Guide?
How can I subscribe?

  You can request a sample copy of our WWUH Program Guide by dialing the WWUH Listener Line at 860 768-5913 and following the prompts to leave your message or request a sample copy.

Who picks what music is played on the air?
  We have sixty music shows on WWUH and, in essence, sixty music directors as each host is responsible for picking his/her musical selections.

How can I find WWUH on the FM dial?
  WWUH broadcasts on 91.3 MHz from a tower atop Avon Mountain, in Avon, CT. Our antenna is over 1,100 feet above sea level, and our signal covers about 20+ miles in all directions. A number of area "sister stations" carry our programming at various times each day. Currently those stations are:

WAPJ, Torrington, CT,  89.9 MHz and 105.1 MHz
We are currently on 24/7 but this will change in this fall when their studio move is complete.

WDJW, Somers, CT,  89.7 MHz (from Somers High School)
We are currently on this station for a large portion of the day. Their signal helps listeners in the Somers and Stafford Springs receive our signal.

WWEB, Wallingford, CT,  89.9 MHz (from Choate Rosemary School)
WWUH is aired on this local station when their students are not available to host liveprogramming.

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